3 Reasons Why The Nose Of The Indonesian People Are Their Peculiar Nature. Apparently There Is a Same Line Equator

3 Reasons Why

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Many girls in Indonesia dream of having a sharp nose to look more attractive. For many Indonesians, a sharp nose is a matter of pride. That's why you who nose pugs must have been bully.

The bottom of a mock like that is often heard by those who have an unsteady nose.

Most of you must blame the heredity and genetic factors for your nasal discomfort. Yes if you think at a glance it is true. Genetics always play a role in forming a person's physical. But you also need to know that based on research Public Library of Science Genetics (PLOS Genetics) released in March yesterday, it turns out the climate factor also affect the sharpness of your nose! Taking 476 participants from West Africa, South Asia, East Asia, and Northern Europe, Hipwee News & Feature has the result

Those living in cold and dry climates tend to have long, narrow noses. This is so that the incoming air is warmed before it reaches the respiratory tract

In cold temperatures, the body needs a little warm air intake so as not to become more cold. The air in an area that has a cold and dry climate needs to be warmed up before entering the respiratory tract. Therefore the shape of the nose of people living in cold areas will adjust to be long and narrow. With a long and narrow nose shape, air travel longer. As a result, the incoming oxygen also becomes warmer.

Vice versa, we who live in hot and humid climates will tend to have a wide and short nose. Incoming air does not need to be warmed up again, just stay in doang

For those of you who live in hot and humid regions, the shape of the nose does not need long and narrow. It is precisely the short and wide nose shape that is more needed. The air was warm, so there was no need for a long nose to warm it up. By having a short and wide nose, air travel from the nose to the respiratory tract becomes more efficient and suitable for warm and humid climates.

From the results of this study can be concluded, meaning yes people in Indonesia is reasonable to have a pug nose. Do not have a minder yes, your nose is a natural formation

If you look at the results of this study, you can conclude dong what kind of nose is really suitable in Indonesia? Country with hot and humid climate like our country is more need to form a short and wide nose. Therefore you will most likely encounter people with short and wide noses than those with sharp noses. So do not be inferior if your nose is pug, yes.

Now that you must remember, this is not the only factor that formed your nose. There are factors of heredity, environment and others are also influential. Well Whatever your nose shape, you should be grateful. The shape of your nose is in accordance with the conditions that exist in our country.

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