3 Types of Plants Can Clean Air Inside Home

3 Types of Plants Can Clean Air Inside Home

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According to the latest database of air quality in urban areas that contained a who.int page, air in 98 percent of cities in low- and middle-income countries with a population of more than 100,000 does not meet air quality in WHO guidelines. Even so, air quality in high-income countries, the percentage is reduced by 56 percent.

Along with declining air quality in urban areas, the risk of stroke, heart disease, lung cancer, and acute chronic respiratory problems such as asthma is increasing for residents living in these cities.

Keeping the air clean is not easy. But at least you can try this simple way to "filter" the air in the room, maintaining the air filter plant.

"It's often mentioned that a room with plants makes you feel better, and there's a scientific fact about it," says home-building expert Sabine H. Schoenberg who is also founder of Sabine's New House.

"When air quality in the room is our concern, it's nice to know there's an easy way to get it through the plants in the house, clean air gives better health and productivity," he continued.

Reporting on the Today page, Friday (22/7/2016), a case study conducted in New Delhi shows, putting the following plants in space successfully causes the air inside is cleaner.

The following three plants not only have a positive impact on health but also has an attractive shape and suitable to be part of the room decor.

Plant tongue-in-law

The tongue-in-law plant, also known as a plant commonly laid in the bedroom, filters air and converts CO2 into oxygen at night rather than absorbing oxygen like other plants.

Palem areca

This plant is very popular as an in-house plant. Palem areca removes all toxins in the room air and leaves are safe for pets. This plant is also easy to find.Tree of money

The Money Tree has a scientific name Scindapsus aureus. These plants purify the air contaminated with synthetic chemicals from cleaning products. Feng Shui experts explain that this plant can also reduce stress and anxiety and help the quality of sleep so much better.

"Believe it or not, this plant alters the toxins in your home and was first learned by NASA," Schoenberg said.

"Toxins such as benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene can be neutralized and the study provides a detailed list, such as what plants can purify certain toxins," he concluded.

It is important to do research in advance about the types of plants and their benefits if you intend to plant certain plants to purify the air in the room.

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