3 Ways It’s Proven Makes You Win in a Brain Duel

3 Ways It's Proven Makes You Win in a Brain Duel

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Do you still play Duel Brain games? If still not playing, immediately play and download Brain Duel from the link that Jaka provide. If previously Jaka has given a strategy to play to always win the Duel Brain, this time Jaka will explain the trick of using the help option for you to win in Duel Brain.

Because the Brain Duel answers adjust to the problem, then you should try to think clearly in order to win. The help option is only available when you're dueling in Tactical mode. But, if you can know when you should use the help, then chances are you to win the duel will be even greater.

Tricks Utilizing Help To Win Brain Duel

You ever know the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire game on TV? In the game, players are provided with 3 options of help, namely 50:50, phone a friend, and ask the audience. Carrying the same concept, Duel Brain provides 3 help options that you can use. Each aid has its own function that must be used at certain times. Here are the help options provided in the Brain Duel game:

1. 50:50

Just like in the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire game, this 50:50 help option works by removing two wrong answers. So you just choose the right answer from the two remaining answers.

This option is perfect for use when you feel confident about two specific answers. With this help option, you will find it helpful to find out which one of them you believe has been wasted. So you can be sure on one answer only.

2. Ask the others (Percentage)

If in the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire game you can ask the audience, then choose the answer that most selected by the audience; on Brain Duel, the way it works is almost the same. Only difference has been provided percentage of answers given. So all the answers will be given the percentage of truth answers according to the choice of others.

This help option is very useful to use when you have absolutely no idea where the correct answer is from the given question. Usually, the correct answer is the answer with the most percentage. If you decide to ask, then you have to believe it, right?

3. x2Just like the 50:50 help option, this option is best used when you believe in two answers that you think are correct. By choosing x2, then you have a really great possibility. Just make sure first that you are sure with the two answers that you think is right.

Always pay attention to the rest of the free help you and your opponents have. In one duel, you have a free one for each help option. The rest if you run out of free help options, you will be charged points for each of the help options you use.

Well, now you already understand how to use the right options help? So use wisely according to the right time so you can win while playing Duel Brain with your friends.

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