3 Ways to Reduce Your Home Electricity Bill

3 Ways to Reduce Your Home Electricity Bill

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The last few days we have discussed about the importance of electricity conservation and also its implementation through green building system or green building. Indeed, the system of green buildings is needed to automatically reduce excessive use of electricity.

For these large companies or industries, unwittingly, with a little more initial investment, they have contributed positively to the development of sustainable energy – and as a bonus, in the long run they can reduce the cost of their electricity bills. So what about us everyday? How can we apply the concept of energy efficiency and conservation at home now?

We often hear there are many easy ways to maximize electricity use at home such as replacing incandescent light bulbs with more efficient LED bulbs, or using household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and televisions that use less electricity. Well, today we'll cover three unique ways to reduce the waste of electricity that people rarely discuss but have a big impact on household electricity usage!

Do not forget yes, by following the ways below, not only we have helped conserve energy, but we also can reduce our electricity bill, you know!

Turns off electronic devices completely.
Often we turn off television, computers, air conditioners, and electronic appliances only to stand-by mode. Sometimes we think to let it in stand-byagar mode if we go back home after the activity outside, it's easy for us to directly enjoy the favorite program on television or directly cool the room. For television, this mode usually has a red LED indicator light on the power; for the computer, usually there are some LED lights that are still on, indicating the computer is not 100% dead.

It's rarely noticed, but did you know that this mode consumes electrical energy with a large enough amount? In a stand-by state, these electronic devices just silently consume energy waiting for commands from our remote control but still use the power to capture and "wait" for our signal. Apparently, this mode still takes about 10% of electricity consumption when it's on! Imagine if our television at home that consumes around 500W consumption was still eating 50W when not in use.

There are many ways to reduce the use of our tools in order not to consume stand-by power, and the easiest way is to completely turn off the equipment, directly from the power source. Practically, we do not need to unplug the cable one by one, because now there are many simple technologies that can turn off the electronic devices directly from the source, for example switch with the on / off switch for the plug or cable roll, and the power plug. By simply pressing one button, we can turn off the electronic devices without having to unplug and plug the power out of our electronic devices when we want to use them again.

Not too difficult is not it? Just one additional step of our daily habits that let the electronic device in stand-by state. Although initially it may feel heavy and much forgotten, gradually we will get used to it. The key is only one, namely: start! This habits should be used in our homes in order to reduce the wasteful waste of energy from stand-by power.

Using solar water heater & reduce shower head discharge.

Some of us are used to bathing in warm water. Sometimes to overcome congestion we have to get up very early and feel cold when bathing in the morning, and finally choose to install water heater in order to use warm water in the morning. However, keep in mind that the use of electricity to heat water is large enough! According to the Department of Energy USA, water heaters are the second largest electricity user in our monthly bill.

Many types of water heaters are now widely sold – probably the most widely used is the type of storage where hot water is stored in a tank and tankless or tankless coil that does not use tanks but directly heats the water when the tap is turned on using electricity. But did you know that the storage type water heater is inefficient because there is a stand-by heat loss? Water that has been heated because it is not used automatically will be wasted heat and need to be warmed back, and he uses the power when not in use. Likewise with tankless or tankless coil. Because this type has a limitation that can only heat the water about 6-15 liters per minute, to keep the heat needed some heating for warm water is always available.So, how to solve it? Try using solar water heater, or water heater using solar panel!

What is the benefit of solar water heater compared to other types? This type is 50% more efficient than gas or electric water heaters! Solar water heater has a fairly good price efficiency. Many solar water heater systems also have a storage system for hot water in order to supply hot water in the afternoon or evening. Plus, its energy source is solar power which is a source of renewable energy!

Indeed, solar water heater may be more expensive than other types of water heaters. However, because solar panel technology is getting cheaper, it is not impossible for this solar water heater to continue to grow cheaply.

But just take it easy, there is another cheaper way to reduce the electricity usage in the process of heating water, which is to replace the shower head. By changing into a shower head that releases a lower water flow, indirectly we will save the amount of hot water used . Using a shower head with low water discharge saves water by 25-60%! Indirectly, in addition to saving electricity to heat water, we also save water – once rowed, two three islands exceeded!

Create an eco-friendly home design

The last option can be used in the early stages when we build our homes, or when we renovate the house. Many, you know, ways to save electricity by utilizing a smart and green design in our homes!

For example with natural lighting. By creating more windows and matching the natural lighting of your home location, you can reduce the cost of electricity because you will automatically need less light from the lights. One way is to have a large window so that sunlight can enter freely, or have a window on high places for example on the ceiling of your home. Another example is designing a house with good air circulation. In addition to good for your health because the air continues to change, with good air circulation, practical use of air conditioning or air conditioning will be reduced.

Another way is to use household appliances that are energy efficient from the beginning. By deliberately purchasing Energy Star certified appliances, you have chosen energy-efficient, practical appliances for less electricity in the long run. Perhaps initially this tool will look a bit more expensive than other options, but think about the long-term impact of more expensive investments in the beginning, but your monthly electricity bill will be reduced! After all, this equipment, like refrigerator, washing machine, and television, you use every day. So, there is no loss to buy household appliances that are energy efficient.


In addition to the above three ways, of course there are many other ways. For example by turning off the lights and air conditioning when out of the room, just use the lights from the end of dusk or night only, and more. Many of these tips require our commitment and commitment to change our daily habits. Remember, even when it feels heavy initially, it will eventually become a useful habit for us, and even for the environment!

___Fourteenth day of # 15Energy Day

More information on Indonesia's energy sector can be accessed through www.esdm.go.id!

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