30 Steps For You More Ganteng

30 Steps For You More Ganteng

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All the guys want to look handsome, but have a sharp nose, square jaw, and cool hair is not enough to make you called handsome. Handsome should also have the inside-out. Good looking takes persistence, patience, and intelligence. Look again how you can be more handsome every day:

1. Find a Haircut That Will Understand You

Have a haircut that is okay important to support your kegantengan. This is the most basic thing. If you fail to run 29 other tips in this article, at least you still have a charming haircut.

Getting a suitable haircutter takes time and patience. You may also have to fail several times before finding a haircut salon that really fits. The best way to find it is to rely on friend recommendations and have the courage to apply the principle of trial and error.

Reliable salon shippers do not just have to know about cutting and shaving techniques. He must also understand the nature of your hair, the shape of your face, to match-baseball a hairstyle with your lifestyle. Better still if he works painstakingly, while occasionally throwing joke. A captain needs at least 20 minutes to produce a good haircut.

2. Maintain Cleanliness of Residence

In general, you must form a clean lifestyle. It's useless if you have a look but your life is dirty.

Clean the room, wash the motor / car with a routine, and take your dirty clothes to the cleaners. If you do not have time (read: lazy) clean up, find someone you can pay to do it. A clean place, minimal germs, and have enough lighting will make your body aura out.

3. Wear Sunscreen Before Exiting the House

The classic problem of Indonesian boys driving motorcycles: their arms will be darker than the rest of the body. To prevent it, apply sunscreen to your body and arm. Do not worry; this is not as thick as it sounds, really.

Sunscreen is useful for you for short and long term. Annals of Internal Medicine research in 2013 reveals that sunscreens can slow down aging by 24% if used every day. Come on, choose pake sunblock or botoks injection pas age 40s?4. Wear Moisturizer

Moisturizers contain many vitamins that are beneficial to your face. Among these are vitamins A and E (which slow down premature aging) as well as Vitamin C (which fixes damage to skin cells). In addition, some moisturizers are equipped with a good anti-oxidant to reduce wrinkles on your face. Use a moisturizer every day to have healthy and charming facial skin.

5. Eye Health Care

If you think using a facial moisturizer is enough to take care of the skin around your eyes, you're wrong. The skin around the eyes is softer and more sensitive than the face in general. This is the importance of eye care cream products.

If you do not want to use creams, at least do business to care for the health of your eyes. Avoid swollen eyes by limiting salt intake. Salt make water in your body not out through sweat. Meanwhile, if you have panda eyes, try to sleep at least 7 hours per day. Stay away from things that can affect the color of your eyelids, such as smoking.

6. Wash Properly

Wash your face seriously. Do not use soap for washing your face. Soap bath material will clog the pores of the face and absorb all the oil there, so your skin will dry. So use products that contain special ingredients for the face. Wash your face 2 times a day: morning and evening / night after the move.

7. Allow Brewokan, Origin

Some girls are attracted by the brewed guy, and some are the opposite. Whatever it is, the decision is yours. Want to grow a beard or not, choose what makes you feel handsome and comfortable.

If you finally decide to grow hair on the face, make sure your beard is clean and well groomed. Like the hair on the head, beard also need care products and should be cut if already started to grow not karuan.

8. Square Style MeasuresIf you end up choosing to look clean without beard, do not get embarrassed because of cuts or scrapes each time you shave. Shaving is a routine of boys; do you want your cheeks injured every week?

The main cause of injury when shaving is usually the shaver. Modern shavers use three to five blades, which although effective can dry the skin and facilitate the emergence of irritation or injury. Alternatively, use the old school shaver used by your father and grandfather.

9. Occasionally, Watch your eyebrows

Eyebrows complement the eyes in depicting feelings. Confused, surprised, happy or angry becomes noticeable when eyebrows and eyes react to a condition. Imagine if you do not have eyebrows. Surely your face will look almost no expression.

Proportional and neat: that's how your eyebrow looks. If the shape is already like an insect antenna, comb or cut your eyebrows to taste.

10. Take care of your hands and feet

Hands are important to care for because your first contact with others usually occurs by hand. Do not you feel like fish scales? Always wash your hands with water and soap, and clean the dirt lodged under the nail. Do not forget to cut the nails and use lotions to moisturize the palms.

In addition to hands, the soles of the feet should also be kept clean. Especially if you like to wear sandals or barefoot. Use a pumice stone to rub the heels that are usually cracked and wrinkled. Apply leg cream if necessary.

11. Do not be ashamed of Ubanan

Who said the gray haired guy can not be handsome? Take a look at George Clooney or Robin van Persie. But certainly, the gray hairs should be trimmed hair every month. The moisturizing shampoo is excellent for gray hair; also include conditioner to keep your hair moist.

Why is moisture so important for gray hair? Due to dry scalp and sun exposure can change hair that was white so yellowish.12. Likewise If You're Bald

With age, the guys will experience thinning hair and eventually baldness. The most terrible thing is if this baldness happens too early, as happened to Wayne Rooney and Prince Williams. If Rooney does a hair transplant (which is expensive), Prince Williams is good with a balding head in the middle.

You can also be confident as Prince Williams. But do not bust your bald head so aja. Your head is also still to be treated. Choose a shampoo that can stimulate scalp fertility. Consider also to apply tonics and vitamins on your scalp.

13. Reduce Sweat

Sweating is a natural process in the body, so you can not stop it just like that. But excessive sweating can be prevented. Limit alcohol and caffeine to your sweat production.

14. If You're a Glasses User

Choose the glasses that match your face shape. If you are round face, wear sunglasses that resemble a square. If your jaw is square, choose the glasses that are round.

When you wear glasses, your eyebrows should be above the frame. When you smile, your cheeks also can not push or move frame of your glasses.

15. Have an Oke Jacket

In order to look more handsome, you need a good outerwear: light coats and jackets for formal events, and leather jackets for casual activities. As a guy who lives in Indonesia, you also must have a raincoat. Remember: do not wear plastic raincoats like lion danes. Buy a raincoat with a thicker and more durable material.

16. Make Sure Your Body Scent is FragrantBathing with diligent soap, use deodorant, and wash your clothes: it's the first three steps to becoming a fragrant guy. Next, use the perfume properly: spray perfume on the wrist pulse (not in the armpit), as well as behind the ears and neck. The pulse will pump your perfume.

Do not spray perfume directly onto your clothes. The right way is to spray perfume into the air that is 10-20 cm in front of your chest. Then step into the air that has been sprayed perfume.

17. Could Cook

Being able to cook and serve food on the table will be a plus for your appearance. Both boyfriend and future-in-law will be impressed with your patience of mixing food. At least, master a recipe and a drink mix.

Not a cooking talent? Enrich your knowledge of restaurant choices, so you always know where to eat if you're on the road. If it's like this, there'll be no more Eating stories where is it? fit again the way with boyfriend.

18. Have a Hobby That Is Not Related to Cooperation

It is important for you to have a unique hobby that can refresh your mind and body. In addition, the guy who has unique activities that can attract the attention of a potential partner. Dedication, perseverance, and sacrifice to be brilliant it is a quality that is difficult to find today.

19. Dress Well

Find a good tailor, and keep your jeans and shirts in line with your body. Learn how to iron a shirt: a tangled outfit makes you look worn and not ready.

Nothing wrong with having a suit. It will surely be used: make an invitation, a formal event, or maybe a meeting. Also prepare formal shoes and sneakers. Girls are often concerned with what you wear, and how you wear them.

20. Do not Slouch!Learn how to get healthy and correct posture from articles that Hipwee has written. Have a good posture make you look convincing and more attractive in the eyes of the view.

21. Master the Skill of This Man

Master this skill, because not all men in Indonesia know how to skin hunting animals, cut down trees and catch snakes. Guys who are ready to face many challenges so the main attraction for girls.

22. Got Rules

Free-faced handsome if you do not have manners and manners. When dining with people who are important to you (i.e. parent, girlfriend, camer, or boss) make sure you are not the person who controls the conversation. Sharing a table also means sharing a story. People will get bored if you just listen to your babble.

Modesty and clever communication is important to increase your level of lethargy. Furthermore, learn the tips before you step into a fancy restaurant with the people who are important to you.

23. Work Out

Exercise is good for your health and appearance. In addition, your kegantengan also depends on the normal flow of blood in your body. For that, do physical activity for 30-60 minutes per day to increase your blood flow. A smooth blood flow will bring the nutrients your skin needs. Your skin will look brighter and healthier.

24. The Right Toothbrush

White, clean teeth are the key of a charming smile. Based on the advice of the dentist, you should brush your teeth twice a day with a soft bristle brush. Then proceed with cleaning with dental floss. Visit the dentist to have it cleaned every 6 months, or more often if according to your dentist you need extra care.

25. Use Pore PackIn addition to painful, facial once a month is not enough to solve the problem of blackheads in your face. You should more regularly cleanse the pores. Well, than the pain until the tears out because of squeezed the same mbak-mbak facial, mending you use pore pack. Cheap and practical.

26. Bring Books, Open Insights

Read books probably will not make you more handsome. But you'll be smarter, or at least look smart. Smart people (or seem smart) must be more attractive to girls. After all what's wrong if you add a little insight?

27. Leave Hair Gel, Use Pomade

Not like its oily, thick and heavy classic model, pomade is now made from organic (fruit or butter). Less oil and lighter. Meanwhile, hair gel from the past until now also oily and contain chemicals (such as acids). This causes it is not too good for your hair and scalp.

In addition, the hair gel effect will last at most 8 hours. Pomade? During shampooing, the effect will still be visible.

28. Overcome the distended stomach

Strong hard sports will help you deflect a distended stomach. But of course this takes time. While your stomach is still bloated, finesse with dark clothing or vertical pattern.

29. Enough Sleep

Sleeping for 7 hours a day makes your body fresher and your mood more positive. Being positive will help you interact with others, and increase your confidence. There are still many sleep benefits that you should read from Hipwee.

30. Be a Family GuyBe a warm guy who love the same family, even though you've declared yourself not ready to marry. Sincerely the same parents, love the same child, and friendly to brother / cousin is proof that you can appreciate the closeness in family ties. A girl who can see the nature of a guy's family guy will know that he deserves to be cute.

In essence, handsome not only measured from physical stature, but also from health, mental, and how he was in a relationship with family and others. So now you're handsome yet?

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