32 Pilot whales stranded in Probolinggo Coastal Coast. How Can Whales Be Stranded There

32 Pilot whales stranded in Probolinggo Coastal Coast. How Can Whales Be Stranded There

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A few days ago, precisely on Wednesday (16/6) then, Probolinggo residents dihebohkan by the discovery of dozens of whales stranded on the mainland. There were 32 pilot whales stranded in several areas in Probolinggo. Loh, is not the Pope living in a deep ocean, eh? How come to be stranded in the mainland so anyway?

Before answering that question, this time Hipwee Travel will reveal the chronology and identity of this Pilot Pope. Well, here are the reviews!

Wednesday afternoon, dozens of pilot whales were found in the mainland of Probolinggo district. Some of the tails are not saved because of dehydration and injury

In total there are 32 pilot whales stranded in the mainland of Probolinggo regency, precisely on Randupitu Beach, Pesisir Village, Gending District. Head of Randupitu Village, Gending Sub-district, Probolinggo District, Sanemo said that the whale was found at three different points at around 1:30 pm.

Last I counted on the coast of Randupitu Village there are 23 tails, in Gending two tails, in Klaseman three tails. But overall from the existing data there are 32 whales that stranded, said Sanemo quoted from Tempo.co (17/6).

There is no need to blame each other, rescue teams from the government and residents working together to save the pope who can still be saved

Got viral a few days ago in social media, this tragedy awakened a sense of concern for the whole community. With the help of local residents, the 32 pilot whales were successfully evacuated and returned to their home habitat. Although there are 10 tails that can not be saved alias already killed due to failure of adaptation. From Wednesday when it was found stranded, it was only on Thursday (16/6) at around 9:30, because waiting for the sea to recede first, in order to facilitate the evacuation process.

According to official information from East KSDA Central Office, there are 9 dead whales, due to lack of water. Most likely because they are too long in the position of water shortage, they are not in sufficient water depth, said Head of East Java KSDA Center Ayu Dewi Utari as quoted by BBC Indonesia (17/6).

Stamar BMKG states that they are stranded not without reason. This causes the migration of 32 Pilot Whales in Probolinggo mainland

The erosion of pilot whales in the coast of Probolinggo Regency is caused by several things. According to Prakirawan Meteorology Station (Stamar) Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG), Eko Prasetyo, migration is caused by sea climate change. Such as decreasing oxygen content in deep ocean waters and high sea waves triggered by wind velocity causing low water salinity and rising sea levels.

However, as in the case of the death of a long-fledged pilot whale in the Netherlands in November 2014, Nicola Hodgins, head of science and research for the conservation of whales and dolphins, said the whale migration was caused by noise pollution. Reported by National Geographic, noise from the construction of wind turbines and marine seismic sounds also allows migration of pilot whales.Actually, what is a Pilot Pope? Let's first acquaintance with the members of this marine mammal Kindom

The short-fist pilot whale named latin Globicephala macrorhynchus has a sibling named long pilot whale globicephala weld. These two mammals can only be distinguished from the physical and some members of the body. Well, who washed up on Probolinggo beach is a short-fist pilot whale, which has a body length of up to 2 meters. Called the pilot because these whales always follow their leader in every movement, which makes it look like a pilot. This nomadic living system makes pilot whales have no definite habitat. They follow where their food sources are. They will be on the coast when the squid season arrives. And will go back to sea when there is food there.

In fact, they are habitat in warm climates and tropical waters far from the coast. However, changes in sea temperature can make them migrate, as in the case of a few days ago in Probolinggo District.

Deep in the Faroe Islands, the pilot whale massacre became a tradition. Once a year, 900 tails are slaughtered!

The ocean in the Faroe Islands instantly turns red every November 22nd. In the northeastern part of Europe, precisely in the Faroe Islands, there is an annual tradition that is a bit strange and actually sad. It was the massacre of hundreds of pilot whales, whales of beaks, and dolphins whose outcome was not for commercial use, but to be distributed as part of a tradition that has passed from year to year. This tradition is called the Grindadrap ceremony written in the Faroe Islands law. A tradition that is unfortunate, but whatever power, it has become their tradition. Incidentally, these pilot whales are not included in protected rare animals. I have no idea

A unique and tragic phenomenon about the story of pilot whales that are harmless to humans. Hopefully there is no more deh, sea climate changes that make these marine mammals stranded to the mainland.

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