34 Mayor Sign Declaration of EST Kyoto

34 Mayor Sign Declaration of EST Kyoto

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Currently, 34 mayors in Asia have signed the Tokyo Declaration document on Environmentally Sustainable Trasport (EST) as a commitment to realize the Development of Environmentally Friendly Transportation System.

Mayor of Batam Ahmad Dahlan did so in Bangkok, yesterday, along with 12 colleagues including Mayor of Bangkok (Thailand), Colombo (Sri Lanka), Kathmandhu (Nepal), Karachi (Pakistan), Makati (Philippines).

Head of Batam Bapedalda Dendi Purnomo accompanying Mayor Dahlan said in the Kyoto Declaration the importance of global cooperation and real support from leaders of Asia's leading cities for air quality improvement and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions causing greenhouse effect.

The event in Bangkok is specifically aimed at strengthening and expanding the Kyoto Declaration on Asian Mayors Policy for Promotion of EST in Cities, which has signed 22 Mayors in Asia such as Seoul Mayor (South Korea), Mayor of Nagoya (Japan), in Kyoto, Japan , 23-24 April 2007.

In Bangkok, Executive Director of the United Nations Center for Regional Development (UNCRD), CRC Mohanty is celebrating the 34 mayors as a strong leadership example and committed to realizing future clean air quality in urban development and development.

In the Kyoto Declaration there are nine points of commitment related to the implementation of EST, among which policy making, integrated strategies and programs with attention to public health aspects.

In addition, spatial arrangement, environment, community-friendly transportation infrastructure, public transportation planning, social rights equality, road safety, pollution reduction and vehicle emissions on greenhouse gas effects, and increased community participation.

Mayor of Batam, with Head of Batam Bapedalda Dendi Purnomo present in Bangkok to meet the invitation of Better Air Quality Workshop 2008, 12-14 November 2008.

The event was organized by UNCRD with Japan's Ministry of the Environment, and the Asia Air Cities Partnership's Asia Air Partnership Initiative, and the Ministry of the Environment of Thailand.

The workshop was attended by approximately 1,000 participants from various countries and government agencies, private sector, international NGOs, and research centers. (kpl / rif)

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