35 Terms In FPS Games You Must Know

35 Terms In FPS Games You Must Know

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You often play online games right? Play online game is best fun with friends. Moreover, many types of online games such as RPG, Shooter, Puzzle, and many more. This time, I will discuss about the term FPS game, where this game is very popular because of adrenaline and the compactness of the team and the greatness of the individual.

Very many terms in this FPS game that may be difficult to understand by ordinary or novice people. So, on this occasion I discuss 35+ terms in FPS games that you should know in order to give support to the team and not to overload other players. Please be listened!

1. The Meaning Of Common Radio Commands In FPS Games

Probably some people already know the meanings of all these terms because most are just English, but sometimes it is rather difficult to understand. Well, here I review further to be easy to understand.

Attack / Storm the front

This term means to ask us to attack directly, usually used when the enemy is pressed and easy to attack.

Cover me / Cover

Cover me / Cover has the meaning to ask for protection or protect me. Usually pronounced if we will install bombs, defuse bombs, carry hostage, or treat friends.

Enemy Down

This term means the enemy is dead, usually used when there is a shootout and we succeed against the enemy who is shooting at us.

Enemy SpottedEnemy Spotted means that the enemy is detected. This word is often used to tell the location of the enemy to our teammates.

Follow Me

Follow Me means follow me. It is usually said by a player who knows the enemy's position. Then take the path where the enemy will not know it.

Get in Position

The term means immediately to the position, generally used to give the order for other players to the position that has been set so that the strategy can be more leverage.

Hold This Position

The term game has a meaning stop / persist in this position. This is used by the leader when it comes to checking if there are enemies ahead, and asking us to stay in place.

Man Down

Man Down means friends die. Usually spoken when we attack in groups and our friends are dead.

Need Backup

The term this game means need help, and used when we will attack and know the enemy more than 1. Therefore we need help.Regroup

Regroup means back together. Used when we want to call all friends to be in 1 place.

Report in / Report in team

Report in / Report in team can be interpreted to request reports from friends. Request a friend's report to find out which areas of the enemy are. Usually answered with "Sector Clear" or "Enemy Spotted".

Sector Clear

Sector Clear means secure sector or secure area. Used to let you know that the area is safe and no enemies are detected.

Stick Together

This term means always together. Usually used when we do not want to be alone. Ciye, who does not want to be left alone ..

Taking fire. Need Assistance!

The meaning of this term is being shot and need help. Used when we are being attacked and can not handle it by ourselves.

Team Fall BackTeam Fall Back means the team backed down, giving the team's orders to back off because it is impossible to survive.

You Take Point

This term means giving other players the chance to defuse bombs, install bombs, or help hostage.

That's the game terms about the radio in the PC / Android FPS game that is commonly used. Actually there are still many but I only give a general course. I deliberately give the meaning of these terms because sometimes I feel annoyed if there is a player that continues to press the radio without stopping. This makes concentration so disturbed. Maybe you've also felt it.

2. The term In Game FPS

Lots of terms In PC / Android FPS games that may be confusing and poorly understood. So, I will review it uniquely and interestingly. Listened to ya!

While killing we often see posts like Headshot, Pearcing Shoot, Chain Stopper, Mass Kill, and so on. The writings have their own meaning:


This term means killing the enemy by shooting right in the head.

Pearcing Shoot

Pearcing Shoot means killing 2 or more enemies in 1 x shoot.Chain Stopper

The term game means killing people who have killed more than 4 people.

Mass Kill

Mass Kill means killing 2 or more enemies in 1 attack like Bomb, or shotgun. For others it usually applies multiples like double kill, multi-kill, triple kill and many more.

Fire In the Hole

Fire in the hole in the FPS game means watch out for the explosion. This is often heard when someone throws a bomb or a grenade. To warn friends about the bomb we threw.


The term game respawn means to reappear, usually this term is used in the death mode FPS game where the dead player will come back to life.

Time Limit / Time's up

Time limit or Time's up means playing time runs out. This term usually appears when you're playing and almost killing the enemy, all of a sudden the time runs out and the game is over.

Helmet ProtectionHelmet Protection means helmet protection. Usually this appears when your head is shot but your character is not dead. So, what happens is the existence of helmet protection. So, if everywhere use a helmet let me survive.

Bomb Has Been Planted, Bomb Defused, and Explodes Bombs are interconnected, so I'll explain one by one.

Bomb Has Been Planted

This term means bombs have been installed and the CT or police must immediately turn them off.

Bomb Defused

Bomb Defused means bombs are already domesticated.

Bomb Explodes

This term means bomb explodes.

If you play CS and your friend is taming a bomb, it turns out he does not wear a defuse kit.

3. Frequently Spoken Terms FPS Game Player

In this segment I will discuss the terms that are often pronounced the players of the FPS game.AFK (Away From Keyboar)

AFK means the game player is not in place and away from the keyboard. So, sometimes there are characters in the game that do not move for a very long time. But, now there is an in-game system that makes the person who is kicked directly from the room AFK.


Banned means your character in the game has been blocked and can not be used anymore. This is a very frightening term in the eyes of the players. How come? All of our hard work will disappear if it got banned. But, different again the story if that got cheater.


This term means errors or errors that sometimes occur when in the game. And the most common in the FPS game is through the wall. Not infrequently also who deliberately do this in order to penetrate the wall.


Char means an in-game character or account. Char is taken from the word Character.

Disconnect / DC

This term means disconnected from the server. Sometimes it happens when your friend suddenly speaks silently, and does not move for long. Usually this happens because the connection is bad.

GG / Gods / ProGG has many abbreviations. Can be Good Game, Great Game or God of God. Well, great players are usually highly capable people and are often called GG / Dewa / Pro.

NT (Nice Try)

NT (Nice Try) means a good fight or a good effort. Usually when we play bomb mission and we live alone then many enemies are attacking, we try to win by fighting them directly, although the result is still lost.

Pensi and Vacuum

Pensi and Vacuum means to stop playing but the difference is in time. If Vacuum may be only a few months or years but pension or retirement is to stop forever from the game but there is still the possibility of playing again though uncertain.


Sultan or Gamer Sultan means a king player or often meant for game players who are willing to spend a lot of money while playing. But remember ya buy cash most can cause health wallet is threatened.

That's 35+ terms in FPS games you should know. So now your insight around the game is growing.

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