4 Advanced Applications It Guaranteed To Cure Addiction On Smartphones

4 Advanced Applications It Guaranteed To Cure Addiction On Smartphones

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In today's digital era, technology is supposed to make our life better and easier. However, the fact is not a few people who actually wrong in using the ease.

Many print and online media who preach that every smartphone users have the potential to addicted to smartphones. The proof we can see when we are in the crowd, people are more busy with HP than to interact with the surroundings. People also prefer to play with gadgets rather than chat with friends, and so forth.

4 Advanced Applications This is Guaranteed to Cure Addiction on Smartphones

Well, for those of you who feel addicted to gadgets and want to immediately reduce the impact, yuk cobain 4 applications below. Who knows the negative impact of smartphone addiction can be lost or at least reduced. Check out more!

1. Forest

Forest is a unique application that allows users to plant virtually. The plants will continue to grow and become a tree, depending on how much time we focus on not using a smartphone. Because the virtual tree will continue to grow as long as the application is still open.

When we open another application, then the tree will begin to wither, even eventually die. This app aims to keep us focused on the task without paying attention to the smartphone constantly.


StepLock is an application used to lock applications that we often use. So, how this application works is to complete the number of steps we have set to open favorite applications.

StepLock application is able to force us to move first to open favorite applications. This is at least able to help us to set the time to not always play the smartphone.

3. Dinner ModeDinner Mode is an app that is only intended for iOS users who function to give us time to take advantage of dinner without interruption of the smartphone. With this application we are expected to enjoy dinner with the people we care about.

We can also set the desired timer. With this app we will not be disturbed by gadgets that seem tempting to play.

4. Onward

Onward is a list of recent applications to reduce our dependence on smartphones. The way this app works is to use a personalized AI concept into a bot. This bot will force users to reduce the amount of time they use smartphone. Unfortunately the Onward app is only available for iOS users, and is not yet available for Android users.

That's your 4 healing addiction app to smartphones. Have you tried any one? Produce? Please share your experience in the comment field below yes.

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