4 Clash Royale Clip Game More Exciting From The Original

4 Clash Royale Clip Game More Exciting From The Original

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Clash Royale is a mobile game made by Supercell, which is currently on the rise. Not much different from the previous Supercell game that is Clash of Clans, Clash Royale also become the new mecca of strategy game genre. Clash royale seems to encourage other strategy game trends with varying gameplay, ranging from Tower Defense, Card Game, to RTS games.

While not fully inspiring the row of games that are on the list below, at least the games below can be considered to be an alternative game from Clash Royale. Here are some games similar to Clash Royale that you can try and guaranteed not be less interesting with the game Clash Royale.

1. Spellbinder

Spellbinder is one of the strategy games that experience Clough Royale closest, but with the line defense gameplay element that makes it seem so different. Instead of replacing the tower position that serves as a decisive victory like Clash Royale, Killo Games just put three pieces of cannon in the middle of the battle line. The player's job is to scramble to possess it and attack the opponent's temple. If you are curious about Spellbinders game you can click the following link to get the game.

Download game Spellbinders

2. Olympus Rising

What you can imagine would be like if the elements of MOBA game then combined with gameplay structure line defense, city building, and the action of hack and slash exciting? If it's an interesting game in your eyes, then Olympus Rising can be one of the exciting games you need on Playstore. Why? because the game is one of the strong candidates of competitor Clash Royale game, but the disappointing is this game is not released for Indonesia.

In the Olympus Rising game you will play a godly war against another god for the sake of defending your territory in the land of Olympus. What makes it different from other games, Olympus Rising gives you a larger portion of action, especially if you play as an attacker.

3. Plants vs. Zombies Heroes

In my opinion, when EA issues a Plants vs. game Zombies Heroes is a move used by EA to steal the attention of mobile games from two big games, Hearthstone and Clash Royale. Through the latest spin-off Plants vs. Zombie Hero, EA games bring real-time card duel in an exciting package without the need to eliminate the line defense elements that have been in the two main Plants vs. Zombie series.

Similar to the style of play from Plants vs. Zombie original version, here players are given a number of lines that serve as a battlefield between zombie card decks against the plants they have. Unlike the previous Plants vs Zombie games, where we still rely on sunflower cards to present the cards, this time your game is determined by which energy the numbers will increase as the game rounds.Download game Plants vs. Zombies Heroes

4. Soul of Eden

From the video on display Rayark when they show off Soul of Eden in the event of the Taipei Game Show 2016, there is clearly visible merger of RTS gameplay with game cards similar to Supercell's flagship game. Although not entirely the same, but I admit if the Soul of Eden has a pretty interesting futuristic themes where the Alien fighting a massive robot with the latest technology.

Until now there has been no news release date game Soul of Eden on Android and iOS. I hope that the Soul of Eden game comes with quality like the previous Rayark game, Implosion Never Lose Hope.

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