4 Columbus Evidence Is Not The Inventors Of The Americas So Most Hits

4 Columbus Evidence Is Not The Inventors Of The Americas So Most Hits

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Liputan6.com, Jakarta – Christopher Columbus's status as the inventor of the American continent is sued. Historical evidence shows exactly the opposite, there are already foreign nations who set foot there before 12 October 1492.

There is some evidence underlying the lawsuit. The evidence also makes readers of Liputan6.com curious and the most hits of the news as of Friday 17 April 2015.

In addition, there is news that is not excited. That is a strange phenomenon of rain worms in the Norwegian sky. While from within the country, the most attention is Ahok's plan to replace the PP Satpol with TNI-Polri.

Other news feeders? Here are the 5 most hits news coverage compiled Liputan6.com, Saturday (04/18/2015):

1. Columbus's Four Proofs Not the Inventors of the Americas

Recently a number of bronze artefacts were found in a 1,000-year-old house in Alaska. The findings are evidence that Christopher Columbus was not the inventor of the Americas.

The artifacts show that trade exists between East Asia and the so-called New World: America.

Archaeologists found the artifacts on the "Rising Whale" site near Cape Espenberg.

"From a distance, the site looks like a whale that came to the surface," said Owen Mason, a researcher from the University of Colorado, who took part in the excavation at the site, as quoted from the Science website LiveScience.

In addition there is other evidence underlying the lawsuit. Anything? More is here.

2. Rain Worm in Norwegian SkiesThe discovery was not commonly reported by a Biology teacher in Norway. He claimed to find a collection of worms on a snow mound, which was originally thought to have died but the reality was not. The reptile was still wriggling.

"When I found them in the snow it looked like it was dead, but when it was put in my hand, the mark of the animal was still alive," Karstein Erstad told Norwegian news website The Local as quoted by the Daily Mail on Friday (4/17/2015).

After Erstad's discovery on Sunday 12 April, it was reported to have more worm rain in southern Norway. A bunch of worms rained down on Lindas, Suldal near Bergen, also at Femunden.

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3. TNI-Polri Replace Satpol PP

Governor Ahok intends to hire TNI-Polri soldiers to be an honorary employee of DKI Jakarta Provincial Government. The empowerment of these soldiers to assist law enforcement efforts that have been done Satpol PP and DKI Jakarta Transportation Department.

"I said, why should we pay too much honorarium to Satpol PP, Dishub if the work is also not clear why not TNI-Polri?" said Ahok at City Hall, Jakarta, Friday (17/4/2015).

According to the former East Belitung Regent, so far the task of the TNI is not too heavy, especially since the country is not in a state of war. So the soldiers can help the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta, in addition to daily exercise tasks.

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4. Badrodin Police Chief's Wealth

President Jokowi inaugurates Police General Badrodin Haiti as the new Chief of Police (Kapolri) at the State Palace, Jakarta, Friday (17/4/2015) morning. As a state official, Badrodin had previously reported his wealth.Based on the State Property Wealth Report (LHKPN) reported to the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), the former East Java Police Chief is known to have a wealth of Rp 8.29 billion and US $ 4 thousand.

In a report last updated on 2 May 2014 or while still serving as Deputy Chief of Police, the wealth consists of movable and immovable property.

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5. Batik Air Purpose Ambon-Jakarta Diteror Bomb

Aircraft Batik Air destination Ambon-Jakarta emergency landing at Sultan Hasanuddin Airport, Makassar Friday (17/4/2015) this morning. Aircraft with flight number PK-LAG ID-6171 gets terror bombs from a short message or SMS.

"Yes, the information is so, but it is still checked," said Head of Information Center of Indonesian National Army (Kapuspen TNI) Major General TNI M Fuad Basya when contacted by Liputan6.com, from Jakarta.

Based on information received from the Ministry of Transportation, as the plane departed for Jakarta, Captain Pilot Luther received news from Tower Ambon who received a text message from an unknown person that there was a bomb inside the plane.

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