4 Facts Behind Counterfeit Factor Factory in Social Media. Apparently Gini Shapes Place of Business

4 Facts Behind

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Sometimes we feel amazed when we see an Instagram account whose followers can reach tens of thousands of people. Although not too good, but their posts also often get like a lot. In your heart wondering, how come they can get followers and like that much?

Do not trigger minder or fascinated when looking at the accounts followers or likes, not necessarily they really have followers or likes that much. In the era of all sophisticated as now, many lho accounts that use an instant way to increase its followers. Giving services like and selling followers are now rampant everywhere!

The phenomenon of merchants like accounts and followers this must make you curious. How does it work? How can they make a game? Well if you're curious, ya Hipwee News & Feature have a little picture about how actually factory like and sales followers in social media.

Recently there is a viral video on the internet that shows how the formation of such a lot like giver manufacturer. I do not think that's what it looks like!

Ever heard the term bot account, well this is one form of factory that produce it.

If you see the video, you would be surprised to see how many phones are in the factory called click farm. The amount is estimated to reach tens of thousands. The phones are pre-programmed automatically to work on reviewing, filling out comments, being a follower to give likes on Instagram accounts of their customers. Is not that crazy ?!

These factories are actually found in Russia or China. But make no mistake, their network International loh

According to experts, click-farm factories like these are generally located in Russia or China. You will find a variety of cick farm factories there. Starting from the still conventional use of tens of thousands of phones like this, until it is automatic using a computer program exists!

But make no mistake. Although the location is in both countries, but their network is wide. Many of their service users are from overseas as well!

Well most customers are OL Shop. But not infrequently there is also a personal account that want to be a program, come to hire their services

In Instagram you must often find accounts that post just one or two, but followers are already crazy. Well it is very possible these accounts use the services of buying and selling accounts like those in this video. Most of their customers are OL Shop. Be advised. For most people, the more follower in OL Shop account, the more trusted they are.Not infrequently also who use the services of buying and selling follower is a personal account. That loh, those who want to be a program. For the sake of popularity in social media, many kok people who are willing to spend money to buy follower and like.

And if you know, have an account with followers jibber it also not good you know. See ya, pop-up notifications make kesel so cepetnya!

Did you watch the video? What do you think?

For the millennial generation, have a follower and like a lot of it already feel like social status. When actually have a follower and like a lot of it there ngeselinnya side as well. Just imagine, your phone does not stop flashing, rattling and vibrating! If your phone is not strong, it could be hanging loh. Well if you are not a problem with such conditions, ya do not have a target papa many followers in medsos.

After all, more cool if the follower and like in social media we rise in organic alias original. Not for the sake of imaging, but rising on our own efforts. How do ya expand the connection, fix the content, posting photos, captions to hashtag. Instead of a lot of buying, what makes you proud? : p

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