4 Favorite Australian Menu Worth a Try

4 Favorite Australian Menu Worth a Try

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Vemale.com – Ladies, Australia is famous for its beautiful scenery and unique diversity of flora and fauna. But it is not only that, Australia is also a destination for many tourists because of its distinctive culinary menu. Well, here are four typical Australian foods that you must try.


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Vegemite is shaped like blackish butter. These foods are made from yeast, salt, and minerals. The distinctive taste with a mixture of salty and slightly bitter makes vegemite so well liked by the Australian community. Presentation is usually by applying a little on toast or biscuit with a little butter. Others prefer to apply vegemite on toast with peanut butter or cheese or egg sheets and sometimes also be used to add flavor to the soup. The Australian community with vegemite, as many as 22 million bottles of vegemite sold every year.


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For dessert, you can try Pavlova. This food is made from a meringue cake covered with whipped cream and on it is given a variety of fruit slices. The cake itself has a crunchy, crunchy feel on the outside, but has a soft texture like marshmallows in the center, unlike most of the dense meringue cakes from the outside to the inside. With the addition of fruits around the cake, Pavlova became more beautiful and intriguing. Even so, pavlova can not be left in open space because it will easily deflate if exposed to cold air. That's why these cakes are usually left in the oven until it's really cold when finished cooking.

Meat Pie

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If you go to Australia, Meat Pie is one menu you should not miss. If the pie pie generally contains fruit, then this typical Australian pie contains meat, with tomato and onion sauce. Sometimes, some add cheese or bacon. If you want to try the original Australian meat pie, then you must visit Harrys Cafe de Wheels, Cowper Wharf Road, Woolloomooloo. Here is a delicious pie menu that you can try and one of them is the famous meat pie.

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This one cake is often known as the Australian national cake. This cake is made from sponge cake which is coated with chocolate and sprinkled with dried grated coconut. Sometimes this cake is also served with whipped cream or jam to add rich taste. Lamington is usually served during tea in the afternoon. This cake is also often served during special charity events in Australia.

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