4 Great Herbs Prevent Cancer

4 Great Herbs Prevent Cancer

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Vemale.com – If you do not like swallowing drugs, then you are naturally maintaining a healthy body. Maintaining a healthy body can also be done by drinking herbal drinks or eating foods that contain healing benefits and act as a drug, especially to prevent cancer.

As reported by healthmeup.com, there are some plants around you, which is also often a spice kitchen, but also an important herbal plant to prevent cancer. Some of them are

Mint leaves

Mint leaves, it has not been widely planted in Indonesia, but its use in cuisine is not foreign anymore. Not only delicious into extra food, mint also has the ability to super cure diseases with various content of its phytonutrients to prevent and fight diseases that enter the body, including preventing the development of cancer cells. That is why, many mint leaves are often included in infused water.


The material is often regarded as a spice kitchen also has the ability to launch blood circulation if brewed and drunk warm. Warm content in cinnamon is able to destroy the ability of development of H. pylori, the bacteria that cause bowel cancer. It only takes one teaspoon of cinnamon powder brewed daily to reduce the risk of cancer.


You also already know for sure with the efficacy of ginger. This medicinal plant is not only able to warm the body, but also a drug that heals and shields prevent cancer. This is because ginger has ginerol and zingerone which is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that very well prevent the formation of cancer cells and tumors. Even ginger is able to perform autophagy with nutritional content, which makes cancer cells eat themselves.

Black pepper

The piperin content is an active chemical present in black pepper, a powerful antioxidant capable of inhibiting breast cancer cells developing even before it starts to appear as a tumor.

So, try to eat or brew four meals above each day to be able to prevent cancer Ladies yes.(vem / feb)

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