4 HORRIBLE Things That Happen To Your Body If Main HP Over 2 Hours

4 HORRIBLE Things That Happen To Your Body If Main HP Over 2 Hours

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Nowadays, who does not need a smartphone? Of course, smartphones seem to be sophisticated machines of our body parts. Most people, feel very proud of their mobile device, especially with features owned by the handset.

Communicating has become easier. Only by operating a device called a smartphone in a grip, you are free to communicate to all relatives. Then, whether healthy while lingering looking at the smartphone screen? Here, there are four negative effects of health, when you look at the phone excessively.

4 Negative Effects that Body Feels While Lingering on the Phone

1. Eye Tension

Maybe this is the danger that most people know after you hold the smartphone for too long. Quoted from CuriousMob, The Vision Councils 2005 Digital Eye Strain Report says that 37% of millennials spend at least 9 hours to view their smartphone. 7 out of 10 people, reported that they had eye strain such as dry eyes, irritation, redness, and even prolonged headaches, fatigue, and farsightedness.

Well, the right solution to prevent eye damage is to limit the use of smartphones, avoid using the phone in bed, not to use the phone for something that takes a long time is usually done through the PC, and rest your neck several times a day. Easy is not it?

2. Shifting Shape Bone

When you bend, at exactly the 60 degree angle to see the smartphone, it's tantamount to incriminating your head sixfold. Because, it's because of increased pressure on your neck. This is the result of a study conducted from Kenneth Hansraj, M.D., Chief of Spine Surgery in New York Spine Surgery and Rehabilitation Medicine. The bone pads are shifted when one of the discs that sit between the spine is damaged and end up pressing on the nerve.

Surely it is very painful. Fortunately, there is a simple way to prevent that. You just need to improve your posture. You should always work with your head upright, your ears are above your shoulders, and your chest looms ahead.

Amy Cuddy, PhD. as well-known researchers say that such postures will stimulate the production of testosterone which will help to increase self-confidence, even in adverse situations. But, you also do not stubborn. You are not allowed to hold the phone for that long. If you have to hold the phone, use the smartphone by holding it straight ahead, without making the neck down.

3. Premature AgingA dermatologist in Beverly Hills, Stuart H. Kaplan, M.D., claims that many younger patients are now asking for Botox treatment to overcome the early wrinkles that result from seeing the phone for too long. He said that this happens because the skin is tangled and happens repeatedly, as you often bend the neck to check for notifications or reply to a message on a cell phone. It may sound casual, but with time as you often do it, it's a scary thing is not it?

To avoid this negative effect, you just need to stop spending all day looking at the phone, and let your neck relax. Doing Yoga can also help you loh. Yoga will help you lengthen the neck and muscles on the shoulders, strengthening the upper back and back of the neck. In addition, Yoga will also help smooth on the skin fold excessive, though not completely back.

4. Loneliness

What do you do when you're waiting alone or are you waiting in line? Nowadays, most people will definitely play the phone. You may not realize this, but this habit will really make you awkward to social life, and cut your ability to interact with others.

When you get used to dealing with people online, then when interacting with them in the real world, it can make you feel scared like Gary Clayman, M.D.

Avoid this now. Leave your phone for some time and communicate with your people. Verbal communication is a great way to get to know each other better and socialize with people. Do not try to replace it with a digital conversation.

Scary is not it? The things above seemed a threat to all of us, the active users of smartphones. So, from now on, set your time to not use the phone much. Share your thoughts in the comments field below yes.

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