4 Human controversy that must be a robot so as not to be ‘eliminated’

4 Human controversy that must be a robot so as not to be 'eliminated'

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Today we already feel the benefits of artificial intelligence. This is a very broad aspect, but from the lay side, we can see how the intelligence of virtual assistant apps like Siri and Google Assistant that we can only command with voice.

This will obviously continue to go on, and the longer all aspect of all aspects will be mastered by artificial intelligence, the work can be lost work can be lost and even the soul mate is in the hands of intelligence for the hand of artificial intelligence.

1. Elon Musk is an activist

Elon Musk, the millionaire owner of Tesla, is also the one who desperately wants Earth civilization to move to Marsperadaban Earth moved to Mars though it still does not mungkintak possible, once mentioned that the development of artificial intelligence such as "calling demons," in which this development will endanger humanity. Now he commented again about the same sentiments.

Reporting from The Verge, the millionaire stated that basically humans must be a robot in order to remain competitive against sophisticated technology.

"From time to time we may see a combination of biological intelligence and digital intelligence – this will be the speed of connection between your brain and the digital version of yourself as output," Elon said.

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2. Man has lost the computer

This is quite interesting, because it proved that the speed of human communications far less than computers. Computers can communicate in trillions of bits per second, while humans are only 10 bits per second. Although you must remember that humans learn the effectiveness in communicating, not speed.

Another example called by Elon Musk is how robots with very easily master the work of humanobot with very easy to master human work. In that context, Elon exemplifies the rider who can now be replaced by the existence of automatic cars, which proved better in terms of security. Of course in this case work like drivers will soon erode the technology if the human is not competitive itself.

3. There are also many humans who are 'united' with robotsThis is nothing new in the technology world. The activity of replacing the 'spare parts' of the body with the robot has been going on for a long time. It is actually not to compete against artificial intelligence, but to perfect humanity that there is always a lack.

Starting from the man with robotpenis robot penis, finger planted flashdiskflashdisk, to bionic eyes that can make a tuna netratuna netrabisa look back.

With this alone, humans have the potential to become a more perfect figure by embedding technology in the biological body. With this, the competition between humans and artificial intelligence becomes more dire.

4. This will not happen just like that

However, this will not happen just because of course the development of machines and computers should still be in human power. While this is a good thing in some aspects, it is also important to think whether technology is over-influencing in human life or not. Because it is certainly important to put humanity first, rather than the interests of robots that do not even have life and feelings.

It should be an ethical discussion of the issue of how a technology will affect humans, done even before the technology is developed. Companies must start to think about the issue of how humans partner with machines or robots, and what kind of relationships they want to develop with their machines or robots. [idc]

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