4 Technology of the Children’s Work of the Nation Accepting the UN Award

4 Technology of the Children's Work of the Nation Accepting the UN Award

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Four technological works of the nation won the award of the United Nations (UN) in the global competition World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Prize 2017.

Four of these technologies,

iGrow My Own Food (by iGrow) in category # 13 (ICT Applications: e-Agriculture); is an application that allows each user to be able to farm without having the land and cultivation ability. Users can also select the plants they want with the land to be invested. This application aims to connect farmers, farmers, investors, and agricultural consumers to create an interaction that can support the agricultural supply chain ecosystem and associated capital investment.
Healthy Internet (by ICT WatchIndonesia) in category # 17 (Ethical Dimensions of the Information Society); is a digital literacy advocacy movement that aims to educate and socialize the protection of freedom of expression while anticipating disinformation and discrimination on the internet.
Backpack Radio Station (by Iman Abdurrahman) in category # 12 (ICT Applications: e-Environment); is a mini radio station technology that can be carried anywhere and put into a backpack, equipped with solar panels and long battery life, fireproof and also water. Backpack Radio Station aims at providing information services in isolated areas.
LISAInformation Systems for Farmers (by PT 8villages Indonesia) in category # 13 (ICT Applications: e-Agriculture); is an application that aims to educate and as a means of communication for the empowerment of farmers, micro entrepreneurs, and rural communities in various locations in Indonesia.

Some works of the children of the nation above us to realize that there are many creative young generation who have the potential to promote and scent the name of Indonesia through technological innovation.

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