4 Things Men Do not Like (Do not Do It Yes!)

4 Things Men Do not Like (Do not Do It Yes!)

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For women, the world of men is so mysterious (even though they are simple creatures). As for men, women's world is so 'complicated' and difficult to understand. There is also truth, because men and women are different, that's why they complement each other.

Women often complain about bad habits of men, and vice versa. From some lists of habits that men do not like, this is what you should avoid.

Acute Patients

Jealous women sometimes make a man happy, a sign you really love the man and do not want her to belong to another woman. But women who are too possessive and too suspicious will make a man like being courted with the police who arrested him. Men also need the freedom to do many things, and they really do not like the cheating allegations. Give them confidence, and they will appreciate you more.

Underestimated Men

A man is a creature who likes to be praised and very proud if he succeeds in doing something that makes her happy, such as taking you to her friend's show, fixing your damaged motorcycle and so on. Habits of belittling men will only hurt their hearts. And very likely they will not appreciate their partner because they feel unappreciated.

Often Nagging and Angry

Women who are too often grumbling and angry will only make a man a headache and do not feel at home near you. If you intermittently grumble or angry at the unnecessary small things, he may escape from you to find peace of mind and body.

Not Courteous to Others

The woman who is gentle and able to maintain her attitude is the type of woman who makes a man sober. You can just be yourself in front of a girlfriend, but when he invites you to meet his family and colleagues, then without needing to explain, he wants you to be nice, polite and make him proud to introduce you as "the only one". While women who do not polite will only make men embarrassed.

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