4 This Toy Can Train Motor Development Of Children

4 This Toy Can Train Motor Development Of Children

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Motor development is the process of growth and development of the ability of children's motion. The development of this motor is usually in line with the maturity of nerves and muscles. Thus, any simple movement is the result of complex interaction patterns of different parts and systems in the body that are controlled by the brain. Motor development is divided into two, namely motorik rough and fine motor. Rough motor skills such as running and jumping, while fine motor skills such as holding small objects.

Play can maximize child's motor development. But not all types of games are good for kids. You as a parent should also choose the right toy to train the child's motor. Here are some toys that can train the development of motor child.

1. Ball

The ball is very good for training the nerves of motion such as footwork and hands. Choose a ball that matches the age of the child. Play together and explain about the game itself. Ball game is recommended for children aged 1 4 years.

2. Puzzles

In addition to good for fine motor training, puzzles can also train children's cognitive intelligence as well as eye and hand nerve coordination. This game can also be done to help the child's sensory development. Puzzle is suitable dimainakan by usis 2 4 years.

3. Plasticine

Plastisin is very useful for fine motor child. The reason is because when playing plastisin the fingers of children will be trained with the movement of pinching, rolling and pressing it. Plastisin can be given to children aged 2 4 years. If there is no plastisin you can replace it with slime

4. Slime

Cycling is one way to train a child's rough motor nerves. With cycling, the child can train his balance. Bicycles can also help partial child intelligence

that's some toys that can train the development of children's motif. May be useful.

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