4 This Way You Should Do If You Really Want To Boycott American Products. Emang Udah Ready

4 This Way

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Still warm in our minds about the statement of President of the United States, Donald Trump some time ago, who successfully make a world of uproar, especially Muslim population. Trump recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and plans to move the US embassy there. Jerusalem has long been known as the holy city of 3 religions, including Islam. This is what angers the whole Muslim world.

In Indonesia itself, the anger of Muslims is shown by the actions of the Palestinian Defense held in the courtyard of Monas, Central Jakarta, Sunday (17/8) yesterday. In the action came a call for a boycott of US products in Indonesia. Even the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) has a plan to issue a fatwa that legalizes the boycott of US products if the superpower does not immediately cancel its claim on Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Well you know what? But if you feel ready, it can start with 4+ this way guys. Check out the following Hipwee News & Feature reviews.

1. Sell your iPhone and replace it with local product or from other country. But do not ngiri if there is a feature that just made for Apple aja ya

Who hayo of you every Apple ngeluarin new iPhone series always the spirit to break the savings ?! Should US products be boycotted, you should be prepared not to follow Apple's latest product outputs again guys. Forget aja deh interesting features of the iPhone, because your choice is definitely limited to the same gadgets from other countries. But not guarantee also because sometimes there are some components of the device that was purchased from the US. Yes if you want more skeptical again, use aja local phones like Mito, Advan, and others.

2. Get ready to leave the group in WhatsApp and create your own group in the chat application made by Indonesia

Try to see the people around you, there is no one up to this moment do not have WhatsApp chat app? Yes, applications made in the United States in 2009 with Brian Acton and Jan Koum this became the most popular applications not only in Indonesia but also almost all over the world. Its features are interesting and fairly easy to use so the reason why more people are choosing this app for tetep related family or relatives far away there. If the US product is boycotted, are you ready to switch from WA to another? Indonesia also has a chat application like kayak Catfiz, Imes (Indonesia Messenger), or IYAA Messenger.

3. Do not rely on Google to search for important info. If you want to use Baidu wrote a Chinese

If you do not know just wrote Google Mbah

Google now seems to be the answer of every curiosity we have for something. Because almost all the information is there anyway. But be aware not you guys, if the search engine is also made the same US people! Waduh bayangin deh how our life if there is no Google. Want ngerjain difficult task, ngerjain thesis let alone. Yes, it does not mean in this world there is only one tool like Google. China can even prove if they can make their own search engine. If you prefer China more than US, just try to download Baidu.

4. Be prepared to deactivate all your accounts in mainstream social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Lah who made the Americans

Nowadays who does not have Facebook or Instagram? Even if I do not have the least I know is the mainstream social media. So is the same Youtube. I think most people have watched videos on Youtube. The massive use of medsos-medsos can even make Indonesia become one of the countries with the most users you know! Its ease for searching, spreading, and getting information that's what makes them much loved. The funny thing is that the US boycott call is also done in social media Facebook. Lah?5. If you want more reckless ya do not have to use computers all, wong operating system that we use everyday like kayak Microsoft, Mac OS, or Linux also made by US

Do not go all the way first, try to look at your computer or laptop that almost every day is used for nugas or work. Do you realize that the operating system is made in America too? Yes if you want to boycott US products mending sell your laptop aja operating system using Microsoft, Mac OS, or Linux. Maybe if emang beneran intention, can find out whether other countries other than the US there is a make operating system and sold in Indonesia. Eits, but nyarinya not in Google yes ..

That's about a handful of ways you can use if you really want to boycott US products. If ready to return to the year before sophisticated technology now hell, yes monggo aja tried the ways above. Hehe..

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