4 Tips Before Deciding Cut Hair

4 Tips Before Deciding Cut Hair

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Liputan6.com, Jakarta Cutting hair has its own challenges. Especially if the haircut that we will choose to change drastically with our current appearance, would need careful consideration. What should you know before the haircut to make the final result as expected? Consider the following tips that are launched from Health & Beauty, Sunday (15/05/2016).

1. Know your face shape

If you know the shape of the face itself it will be easier to determine the appropriate hairstyle. The easiest way is to look at the jaw line and your chin. If the jaw line looks very clear on both sides of the left right then it means your face box, but otherwise if the sides rounded then it means your face is rounded.

If your chin is tapered with a jaw and a thin cheek then you have a long face, If the jaw is tapered but the jaw line and wide cheek then your face is heart-shaped. If your jaw line and chin are curled in balance then your face shape is oval.

2. Know the natural texture of your hair

If your hair is curly and thick, do not bring super-bob hairstyles as an example of a desired hairstyle unless you are willing to go through the smoothing and blow process every day. Vice versa, if your hair is thin and straight
do not bring Beyonce's picture with curly hair swell as an example of the desired hairstyle! Haircuts that match the natural texture of the hair will make it easier for you to arrange every day.

3. Know your lifestyle

If you are very busy do not choose hairstyles that require to be arranged elaborately every day. However, if you have plenty of time and are willing to style your hair every day, any hairstyle can be tried as long as it suits the face.

4. Consultation first

You can bring the example of the desired hairstyle to make it easier for the hairstylist to know what you want. However, take the time also to consult your hair stylist before the day of H. Ask for a special time before the haircut to be consulted, especially if you want to change the style drastically.

(Ardi Suryaatmaja)

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