4 Turtle Function in Mobile Legends

4 Turtle Function in Mobile Legends

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Turtle is a big monster with a turtle-like shape in Mobile Legends. In the Mobile Legends game, Turtle is often contested by both teams. However, what is the function of the Turtle?

Well, this time Jaka will discuss the 4 functions Turtle you should know ya. Curious is not it? Let's directly refer to the following:

1. Getting a very big exp on the team

If our team can kill Turtle in a Mobile Legends game, then our team will get 150 gold against every hero in our team. This certainly makes our exp will grow and will excel gold and level than the enemy.

2. Make the team richer than the enemy

By getting the Turtle, then we will excel in gold count. This is because our team got 150 gold after killing Turtle and the enemy did not get it. With the increase of gold will certainly make our team richer than the enemy so we can buy items faster.

3. It has greater damage than the enemy

We will also outsell the item if our team gets Turtle. Often the enemy will lose the item because we can buy items faster with the increase of gold. With the superiority of the item, our team will inflict greater damage than the enemy. This is because the enemy can not buy items that have been purchased by us.

4. Very influential on team victory

Often, great teams at Mobile Legends will compete for the first Turtle as well as the second Turtle. Although gold is obtained quite a bit, but will affect the course of the game. With the increase in exp and gold is certainly very influential on the team's victory.

Well, that's the 4 Turtle functions in Mobile Legends. It works very well if we know the meaning of the Turtle. All of Jaka. May be useful.

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