40 The Pearls That Can Make You Eager to Chase Dreams

40 The Pearls That Can Make You Eager to Chase Dreams

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Today, maybe some of you are still pursuing dreams or aspirations that you have long wanted to achieve. Some of the rest may even have given up because of the challenge that is too heavy.

Well, for you who feel almost desperate, yuk read the words of pearls from the famous people below first. Through their words, you can be inspired and spirited again to pursue your dreams.

1. The Purpose Of Life Is Happiness. (Dalai Lama)

2. Live as if You Will Die Tomorrow. Learn As if You Will Live Forever. (Mahatma Gandhi)

3. Left No Person Anywhere. But Time Can Be a Friend For Those Who Hold And Treat It Well. (Winston Churchill)

4.I have no rules. I'm Just Trying to Do the Best, Every Time And Every Day. (Abraham Lincoln)

5. Change Will Never Happen If We Keep Awaiting Time Or Right People. We Are Changes That Alone. (Barack Obama)

6. Knowledge Is The Greatest Weapon To Change The World. (Nelson Mandela)

7. Failure Is a Stepping Stone to Success. (Oprah Winfrey)

8. Success Is Not About How Much Money You Generate, But How Great You Can Bring Change To The Life Of Others. (Michelle Obama)

9. Never Give Up, Because There Are Places And Where The Highest Wave Even Will Be Turned Direction. (Harriet Beecher Stowe)10. The Greatest Wage of a Job Is The Opportunity To Do More Things. (Jonas Salk)

11. We Can not Help Anyone. But If We're All One, We Can Help Someone. (Ronald Reagan)

12. All Your Dreams Will Be Realized As long as you have the courage to pursue it. (Walt Disney)

13. Do not Just Busy Counting Days, But Make Those Days Become Meaningful. (Muhammad Ali)

14. Provided You Believe, Everything Can Happen. (Christopher Reeve)

15. Courage Does Not Mean Not Have Fear, But Decision To Do Other Things More Important Of Fear. (Ambrosse Redmoon)

16. The Longer You Live, The More Beautiful Your Life. (Frank Lloyd Wright-Famous Architect)

17. You Will Never Happen To All People And You Will Never Make Everyone Like You. (Katie Couric – Senior US journalist)

18. Without Strong Confidence, Someone Will Always Fail. (Malcolm X)

19. If You Have not Gained Success, Never Stop Trying To Keep Trying. (William Edward Hickson)

20. We Are Given Two Hands, One To Help One'sself and One More To Help Others. (Audrey Hepburn)21. A Dream Can Be Toward Not Because Of Miracles, Rather Due to Sweat And Hard Work. (Colin Powell)

22. Do not Be Afraid Of Losing The Good Things To Get The Best. (John D. Rockefeller)

23. You Only Live Once, But If You Live Right, Then Life Just Once Is Enough. (Mae West)

24. I Never Failed. I Just Found 10,000 Inappropriate Ways. (Thomas A. Edison)

25. If You Judge People, You Will Not Have Time To Love Them. (Mother Teresa)

26. The Self Not Found, But Formed. (George Bernard Shaw)

27. The Best Way To Learn Something Is By Doing It (Richard Branson)

28. The Higher Dreams You Got, The Greater Achievements That You Will Be (Michael Phelps)

29. If There Is No Struggle, Then There Will Not Progress (Frederick Douglas)

30. Need Great Courage To Find Who You Really Are. (E.E. Cummings)

31. The Most Beautiful Things In The World Can Not Be Seen Or Touched. It Can Only Be Enough With The Heart (Helen Keller, Blind and Deaf American Activist)32. A Man Must Have Money In His Head, But Not In His Heart. (Jonathan Swift)

33. Our Choices That Show Who We Are Actually. (JK Rowling)

34. If You Are Not Stubborn, You Will Be Easy To Give Up. If You're Not Flexible, You'll Find a Hard Solution For The Problem You're Facing (Jeff Bezos)

35. The Most Rich Man Is Not The Most Owner, But The Fewest Person Needs (Wayne Gretzky)

36. Learn From The Past, Live For The Day, and Look For The Future. The Most Important, Do not Stop Asking (Albert Einstein)

37. Success Gained By Those Who Do not Know That Failure Is Inevitable. (Coco Chanel)

38. Hard Heart Is A Head Hard Having Goals. (Rich Devos)

39. Your Time is Limited. Do not Be Trapped In The Dogma Where You Live With What Others Think. Do not Let Others' opinions Drown Your Inner Voice. You Must Have Courage To Follow Your Heart And Intuition. They Sometimes Know Will Be What You Actually. The Other Is Only Additional (Steve Jobs)

40. Nothing Next Time: Now Or Not At All. (Celestine Hua)

How? Do you feel more eager to pursue your dreams after reading the above pearls? Hope this can be your ammunition to become more active in pursuing dreams, yes!

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