42 Fire prone spots were observed in three areas of West Sumatra

42 Fire prone spots were observed in three areas of West Sumatra

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There are at least 42 hot spots scattered in three areas in West Sumatra (West Sumatra) during the months of January to October 2017. The majority of hotspots are located in community forest areas.

Head of Forest Protection and Protection Division, West Sumatra Forest Service, Faridil Afrasi, said that the hotspots of the National Oceanic Atmosferic Administration (NOAA), 42 hotspots, are located in Sijunjung District, West Pasaman and South Pesisir.

"Hot spots may not cause fire, but potentially, yes, if at present, it is prone to forest fires in Sijunjung and Pasbar areas," Faridil said when contacted on Tuesday (24/10).

Monitoring of this hot spot continued Faridil, not just on the location of land that experienced a fire. Therefore, NOAA geothermal detection satellite, has properties that can capture heat on the earth's surface. Where, during the day, NOAA will detect heat at a temperature threshold of 42 Celsius. While in the evening, the satellite is able to detect heat on the threshold temperature of 37 Celsius.

"So, hot spots can also be triggered by the inflammatory activity by burning the surrounding land, although a little, but observed as a hot spot," he said.

Meanwhile, Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) Minangkabau Meteorology Station, Padang Pariaman also detects as many as 5 hotspots are monitored from a fashionable sensor or Terra Aqua Satellite. The hot spot of this sensor is observed in Dharmasraya and Limapuluh Kota districts.

"In Dharmasraya detected 4 hot spots with a confidence level of 50 to 76 percent, and 1 hot spot in Limapuluh Kota with a confidence level of 53 percent," said BMKG Head of Minangkabau Meteorological Station, Padang Pariaman, Budi Imam Samiaji.

Monitoring of this hot point said Budi, very useful for emergency response smoke. Thus, people can be more vigilant, including increasing government preparedness in fire prevention. [fik]

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