42 The Miracle of Flora

42 The Miracle of Flora

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1.News with the largest Nation in the world. There are more than 750 ethnic / ethnic groups.

2. Has 583 of the world's largest Territory languages, with 67 main languages ??used by various ethnic groups in Indonesia.

3. The densest Country # 4 in the world with a population of +/- 250 million people as well as the largest Muslim nation in the world. The number of adherents of Islam in Indonesia around 216 million people or 88% of the population of Indonesia. Houses with the largest number of mosques and the country of origin of the largest pilgrims in the world.

4. The earliest ancient human in the world is found in sangiran / tepian Sungai bengawan solo. Pithecanthropus Erectus is thought to have originated from 1.8 million years ago.

5. The largest oceans country in the world with 92,000 km2 of waters and a coastline of about 99 thousand km2 or nearly 25% of the world's longest beaches.

6. Java Island is the most densely populated island in the world where approximately 60% of Indonesia's population (about 130 million people) live on an island only 7% of the total area of ??RI.

7. Three types of Starbucks mainstay coffee in Seattle, USA, are: Sumatra, Java Mocha and Toraja Coffee. These three types of coffee are on display in the front.

8. Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta, the largest mosque in Southeast Asia.
Istiqlal Mosque means is the Mosque of Independence. The largest mosque in Southeast Asia in terms of capacity to accommodate people also in terms of building structures and land area, Istiqlal is the largest in Southeast Asia.

The national mosque in Indonesia was built to commemorate the independence of Indonesia, as gratitude for the blessings of God9. 3 largest islands in the world, owned by Indonesia, Papua 421.981 km2, Kalimantan with an area of ??539,460 km2, and Sumatra 473,606 km2

10. Lake Toba, the world's widest volcanic lake, with a length of 100 kilometers and a width of 30 kilometers is located in North Sumatra Province, Indonesia.

11. # 2 Most in the World for biodiversity in Indonesia, while Indonesia's coral reef ecosystem is # 1 in the World reaching 75,000 km2 or 17% of coral reef area, there are also 2,500 species of marine mollusks (marine molusca) , 2,000 species of crustaceans (crustaceans), 82 genera with about 590 species of scleractinian corals, 6 species of sea turtles, 30 marine mammals. Has 2,500 species of marine fish or 26% of marine fish species in the World. While on the Mainland has 12% species of world mammals, reptiles and amphibians 16% of the world's reptile.

12. The world's ONE ranking for the world's palmaceae (palmaceae) diversity,

13. The world's ONE ranking for the world's largest diversity of dipterocarps in more than 400 species. The total number of known nail or fern species is nearly 10,000, estimated at 3,000 of which are grown in Indonesia.

14. Over 82% of 92 genera and 5,000 bamboo species exist in Indonesia.
ranked ONE world for a wealth of mammal species with 646 species of mammals (12% of world mammals) 36% of which are endemic. Also ranked as ONE for various Swallowtail butterflies, a total of 121 species have been identified and 44 percent are endemic.

15th 3rd rank for reptiles of more than 600 species, 4th rank for birds with 1,603 species 28% endemic (17% of bird species in the world), ranked fifth for amphibians (270 species)

16. Indonesia has 667 species of mammals. Including the Blue Whale (Balaenoptera musculus) which is the largest mammal that also milling about in the deep waters of Indonesia.

17. The world's smallest sea horse is a pygmy Satomi (Hippocampus satomiae) of 13mm in the waters of Derawan Island, East Kalimantan.

18. It has the world's largest shark species, around 150 species, including Whale sharks, whale sharks or rhino sharks (Rhincodon typus) crowned the world's largest fish, 65 meters long and weighing up to 37,000kg.

19. Enriched sea turtles, 6 of 7 species of turtles found in Indonesian waters: Hawksbill turtles; (Eretmochelys imbricata), Green Turtle (Chelonia myda) Endangered turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea) Leatherback turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) Turtle turtle (Natator depressus) Carrot turtle (Caretta caretta).20.70% of the world's rattan species are present in Indonesia, reaching 356 of the world's 600 rattan species grown in Indonesia's tropical rain forest habitat.

21. The waters of Raja Ampat, West Papua, is the center of the world's biodiversity, as it has more than 1,352 species of reef fish and marine life richer than marine areas in the world (Mark V Erdmann Ph.D).

22. Stinging jellyfish, Kakaban Lake, East Kalimantan
the magic of Lake Kakaban is the existence of 4 types of non-stinging jellyfish that live under the water. Miraculously, these jellyfish are found only in two places in the world, namely in Lake Kakaban and Jellyfish Lake in Palau, Micronesia in the southeast Pacific. You can swim and dive to the bottom of the lake to meet this unique jellyfish.

Kakaban Island is one of a total of 31 islands incorporated in Derawan Islands, East Kalimantan. Kakaban lake on the island is claimed as the largest jellyfish lake in the world. Therefore, there are 4 types of jellyfish in this lake, the moon jellyfish, jellyfish totol, box jellyfish, and reverse jellyfish.

Kakaban Lake itself has a unique texture. The lake is formed by corals that rise above sea level with a height of up to 50 meters. Then, this rock makes some trapped water, and formed the lake.

23. Salt on the mountain, Mount Krayan, East Kalimantan.
Still in East Kalimantan, another miracle here is the salt found on the mountain. The salt is located in a well in the village of Long Midang, Mount Krayan which is 100 km from the sea at an altitude of 2400 masl.

Mountain salt produced in Krayan has the same appearance as sea salt, which is like sand and is white. However, it turns out that mountain salt has a higher iodine content than sea salt you know!

The process of making salt is also different from sea salt. The basic ingredients are well water in Long Midang Village, boiled one night until the water dries up. After drying, left crystal grains which is wet salt and wet salt is inserted into bamboo stems and burned until the bamboo burning fire. The rest of the burnt is what is dry salt.

24. Turtle and rock fossil, Batu Cermin Cave, West Manggarai, NTT.
Besides Komodo, Batu Cermin Cave inside this cave there is a cluster of coral and turtle fossils on the cave wall. Batu Cermin Cave is located in Wae Kesambi Village, Komodo District, West Manggarai Regency, West Flores, NTT.

To see this miracle, you have to go through hundreds of meters of caves. In addition, the staklatite and staglagmit glow in this cave is also unique.
The fossil can be seen by using a flashlight because of the dark atmosphere inside the cave. Rock cliffs are also visible, like the rocks beneath the ocean.
25. 2 (two) Sandy Pink beach Flores & Lombok.
Only Located on the beautiful beach tsb but this beach has a uniqueness that is not owned by other beaches. In Indonesia there are two beaches with pink sand aka Pink

The two beaches are Tangsi Beach in Lombok, NTB and Pink Beach in Flores, NTT. The location of Tangsi Beach is still hidden. Differences with Pink Beaches located on the island of Komodo, Flores, NTT, this beach is already widely known to tourists.Pink color is a composition of corals, shells and calcium carbonate from the marine biota that is there. You can head to Pink Beach from Labuan Bajo.

26. Lake 3 colors.
Kec Kelimutu, Ende, NTT
Lake Kelimutu which has three colors. Black, navy, and blue, are the three colors of this lake located in Kelimutu, Ende, NTT. Not only tourists in the country alone, this lake has been charming to the traveler abroad.

Amazingly these three lakes are mutable. When lucky, you can see colors that change color.

You have to walk along 3 kilometers and pass 236 steps to reach the top of Flores. The only Lake in the world whose water can change at any time, from red to dark green and then red heart, dark green to light green, dark brown to sky blue ..

27. Hot water by the beach, Tidore
Hot water baths are not in ponds or mountains, Akesahu beachfront, Tidore, North Maluku, there is a pine water bath.

Akesahu hot spring is located about 30 minutes from from Rum Harbor, the main port in Tidore. Located on the beach, this hot water tastes fresh and smooth sand beaches, Hot water is derived from hot springs located near the beach.

28. White sand in the hills of Baliem Valley, Papua
If all this time you think white sand is only on the beach, then come to Aikima Village in Baliem Valley, Jayawijaya Regency, Papua there is white sand beach

From a distance alone, the stretch of white sand is clearly visible. The color is striking with the background of the green mountain and the blue sky of the sun reflection on the white sand like a grain of light crystal

The Baliem Valley of prehistoric times is a giant lake named Wio. Around the year 1813, an earthquake caused a shift and changes in geology. From there also formed the Baliem River that swirled in the middle of this valley.

29. Borobudur Temple is the largest Buddhist temple in the world. This temple was built when Samaratungga king of the Syailendra dynasty reigned in Central Java. This temple is considered one of the seven wonders of the world. Borobudur Temple is located in the village of Borobudur, Magelang, Central Java. The largest Buddhist monument (temple) in the world with a height of 42 meters (10 levels) and a relief length of more than 1 km. It is estimated to be made for 40 years by the Syailendra Dynasty during the time of the ancient Mataram kingdom (750-850). .

30. Komodo Dragons
Komodo Island is the largest lizard in the world, namely Komodo dragons (Varanus komodoensis). Komodo is believed to be the remains of ancient dinosaur living creatures. long Komodo dragons can reach 3 meters with a weight can reach 140 kg. In the waters of the island of Komodo there are also waters that include the wonders of the underwater world.31. Puncak Jayawijaya and Carstenz.
One of the top 7 continents (Seven Summit), the Highest Jayawijaya Peak in Southeast Asia, this peak is enveloped by eternal snow. The eternal snow in Puncak Jayawijaya is one of the three snow fields in the tropics of the world. The country passing through the equator is witnessing the snow in Indonesia is certainly impossible to understand and is the highest point of all islands (non continent or non-continental) in the world. Carstenz Pyramid (4884 mdpl) is one of the snowy peaks of eternity.

32. Prambanan
Prambanan Temple is the largest Hindu temple in Southeast Asia. Prambanan temple is located on the border of Central Java and Yogyakarta. This temple was built around the year 850 AD. The architecture of this building is very magnificent and there are temples both large and small in Prambanan Temple Complex is also the greatness of its architecture that amaze the world.

33. Krakatau
Krakatau volcano whose eruption shook the earth. This volcano erupted the largest on August 26, 1883. The eruption is very powerful and also caused a tsunami that killed about 36,000 inhabitants.
The sound of Mount Krakatau eruption is heard in Alice Springs, Australia and the island of Rodrigues near Africa. Mount Krakatoa is in the Sunda Strait between the islands of Java and Sumatra. Even the dust is said to outer space. Although Krakatau is not as dangerous as it once was

34. Lake Toba,
The third largest in the world, Lake Toba was once a volcano. This lake is in the former crater supervolcano largest in the world. Mount Toba is estimated to erupt in 73,000 years ago. This eruption was recorded as the largest eruption of the Volcano that affected the climate around the world.

35.Gunung Terbanyak in the world, Indonesia has more than 400 volcanoes, and 130 of them are active volcanoes.

36. As the largest island nation in the world, Indonesia has 14,000 islands spread over the territory of the Indonesian marine jurisdiction. Of all the islands, 6000 The island does not yet have a name.

37. 1 of 7 Mosques with Gold domes in the world.
Masjid Dian Al Mahri located in Depok, precisely in Limo Village, Cinere District, built by Hajjah (Hj) Dian Djurian Maimun Al-Rashid, businessman from Serang, Banten

The building area reaches 8,000 square meters and stands on an area of ??70 hectares. Referring to the architecture of the mosque in the Middle East with the features of domes, minarets (towers), inner courtyards (plazas), and the use of decorative detail or decoration with geometric and obelisk elements, to reinforce the architectural features of the architecture.

Capable of accommodating 8,000 worshipers. Six hexagon-shaped towers, which symbolize the pillars of faith, towering as high as 40 meters. The six towers are the top of the dome with 24 carat gold mosaic. While the mosque's dome refers to the dome form that is widely used mosques in Persia and India. All five domes are also 24-karat gold mosaic.

38.Flowers of Raflesia Arnoldi The largest in the world.
Raflesia flower is famous for its uniqueness, which is a mycelium that memparasit host plants, has no leaves but is able to produce flowers that are very large.

Raflesia is a native plant from Indonesia can only be encountered in the forests of Kalimantan and Sumatra.39. UNIFORM NATO
Beginning with NATO uniforms in Indonesian production. NATO or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is an international organization for world security as a form of approval support between the North Atlantic which was signed in 1949. Of the 28 member states, Indonesia is not one of them, but our country is indirectly has a stake in organization based in Brussels, Belgium. Namely in terms of NATO soldiers uniform that handsome, it was in production by a company called PT Sritex located in Solo, Central Java.

This Barbie doll is in production in Indonesia, the world's most famous and best-selling doll. This doll was first introduced at the American International Toy Fair in 1959. Dolls and toys accessories originating from the United States Barbie doll making process is only entrusted 2 factories that is worldwide in China and Cikarang, West Java, Indonesia.

AIRBRIDGE is a ladder of proboscis in use when passenger plane will go to the plane door. And it turns out AIRBRIDGE is widely used in airports in the world, first made by PT Bukaka in Indonesia.

German prestigious vehicles are widely owned by the upper middle class, both in the world and in Indonesia. The world's oldest car brand, it turns out to trust Indonesia to work with it in producing their cars. Namely exhaust Mercedes Benz cars made in Indonesia whose work is fully done in Purbalingga, Central Java.

Incredible wealth and record owned by the state of Indonesia from the start of the diversity of nature, the results of his work is also historical buildings & buildings that still have to this day.

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