5 Advanced Sophisticated Materials This MUST Be Very Useful in the Future

5 Advanced Sophisticated Materials This MUST Be Very Useful in the Future

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Since the beginning of human civilization, the development of infrastructure and technology increasingly sophisticated from time to time. Along with that, the use of materials for the manufacture of infrastructure was also growing. In contrast to the ancient infrastructure that only uses wood materials, the infrastructure of 'era now' using materials that are more sophisticated and modern. These materials will be very useful in the future.

On this occasion Jaka will share about 5 advanced materials that will be very useful in the future. Approximately material apasih in question? How to be curious? Okay, go ahead. Here's a list of 5 advanced materials that will be useful in the future according to Michael Anissimov (member of the Lifeboat Foundation Scientific Advisory Board). Cekidot!

1. Aerogel

What is your answer when asked the lightest material in the world? Cotton? Fur? Hair? Your answer is still not quite right. Apparently there is a lighter material than all that is Aerogel. Aerogel is the ultra-light, porous synthetic solid material with the lowest density ever. 98.2% of this material is air or empty space. Aerogel with a volume of 1,000 liters weighs only 160 grams, you can even lift the aerogel the size of a house with just one hand.

Aerogel was first discovered and manufactured by Samual Stephens Kristler and Charles Learned in 1931. This material began to develop in the late 80's and a decade ago the United States Space Agency, NASA became interested in this material. They apply aerogel to the space equipment to support their mission.

There are still many examples of application of aerogel in various fields, for example in the field of housing, aerogel can be used as a heat insulator. The researchers believe that platinum-made aerogels can be used to accelerate the production of hydrogen, one of the most important materials for human civilization. Therefore, aerogel will be very useful for human civilization in the future.

2. Metamaterial

Would you believe if the invisibility cloak like the one in Harry Potter is in the real world? Yes, the invisible cloak will soon become a reality. The researchers are now developing a material called Metamaterial, a material that can bend light to allow the wearer of a cloak with this material as if lost or invisible.

Metamaterial is an artificial material that is not available in nature. The structure is made artificially by assembling materials from photonic crystals into tissues that are smaller in scale than manipulated wavelengths.

Researchers from the University of California for the first time managed to create 3-dimensional metamaterials. So far, metamaterials are known as materials to make objects invisible. Soon this material will begin to be marketed and used in general.

3. E-TextilElectronic Textil or E-Textil is a material that allows electronic devices, smartphones, smartwatch, laptops, or computers to be implemented and operated through textile materials. Researchers are now developing clothing that can project visuals from a smartphone just like any other electronic screen.

It is predicted that this sophisticated material will soon be widely produced and the clothes we wear are no longer just as warmers of the body, but also as a screen of gadgets that wrap our bodies. Just imagine, we can operate the gadget through a bomber jacket that we wear like on a smartphone screen usually or do a phone with just a certain hand movement. Cool is not it? Most likely, by 2030 most of us are wrapped with electronic devices made from this textile.

4. Carbon Nanotube

Did you know that secretly a number of world scientists have discovered a new magical material that will be very useful in the future? The material is Carbon Nanotube, nano-sized material that is 100-200 times stronger than steel and harder than diamond. In addition, this material is also 10 times lighter and flexible like plastic and can also be a better electrical conductor of copper.

With this material cars, trains, ships, planes, and so forth will be much stronger, but have a lighter weight that will make it fuel efficient. In addition, LCD TV screens, computers, or smartphones will become more heat resistant. In the military world, this material will also be needed for the manufacture of combat aircraft and bulletproof uniforms.

5. D3O-Gel

D3O-Gel is a revolutionary gel that has excellent ability to absorb energy. This gel is very soft and flexible, easy to be formed only by hand squeeze. However, when the pressure is very strong, these gel molecules will soon lock in just a thousandth of a second.

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And that's 5 advanced materials that will be very useful in the future. Sophisticated and sophisticated is not it? It seems that we will indeed need the materials above in the future, because of the many benefits of these materials. For those of you who have other opinions, please do not hesitate to share them through the comment field below. Jaka wait!

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