5 Android Chatting Apps It’s More Fun of WhatsApp!

5 Android Chatting Apps It's More Fun of WhatsApp!

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Android Chat application is now very much a variety of chat services like Facebook, Twitter, BBM, WhatsApp, and I think the four services are the most popular in Indonesia, did you know that there are some chat applications are actually cool but rarely known.

Well, surely you are bored with the internet activity that's that's it. Certainly you want new things that may be able to provide entertainment, well it's good if you try 5 alternative facebook chat apps, WhatsApp, and others below refer to below.

Unusual Android Chat Applications List

1. Skype

Most Indonesian children still do not know the Skype chat service. In fact it is already very popular in certain countries such as America and others.

Looking at Skype's own function, if we observe not much different from WhatsApp. Skype is not only known as Video Chat and Voice services but also for sending Text messages like WhatsApp, make no mistake although rarely known in Indonesia but Skype played by many people overseas.

2. GroupMe

this one adds more foreign, but if you observe from the name alone it would have been predictable. Yaps, certainly in the chat service groupme app can send messages in groups of 10 or more people so basically like a group so deh.

Overall GroupMe chats do not vary much with Skype and WhatsApp it's just that he has a distinct advantage that can send messages in groups would be really exciting ya.

3. Kik Messenger

The point is also the same as a service to perform chat activities. in this application has an equal advantage somewhat different Kik Messenger is very easy to use and light as you are SMS.4. Telegram

If this one service is seen in appearance is not foreign yes. Actually Telegram is WhatsApp that has faces made from the aspect of the look that looks Simple and light of course.


Viber application / service is also similar to WhatsApp when we use it then it takes the same that requires Mobile Phone Number, do not need to be confused because this application is very convenient to operate.

In addition to offering simple and convenient features Viber application you can also download for free you just need to download, install the list as usual and play.


Those are some of the Explanations About the Android Chat Service App that is Rarely Known but cool to play. May be useful.

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