5 Android Games with Best Story Stories

5 Android Games with Best Story Stories

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Like a movie, a game can be considered good if it also has a story line (story line) that makes players lost in the game.

We can see from many well-known games, not only from gameplay or graphics, but also good storyline, as well as GTA V * games, ** Final Fantasy Series and Persona 5.

For the Android game environment itself, now the developers began to offer games that are loaded with interesting storyline, even become the main selling points in the game than other elements.

So what are some Android games that have the best storyline? Check out Jaka's review of 5 Android games with the best storyline below.

5 Android Games With The Best Story Way

1. Lonewolf

The first you need to know, this game is intended only for adult gamers because the graphics are quite 'hard' and the story is very complex.

Here you will play a mysterious killer who keeps killing people with sniper fire right on the target's head.

The story is played with a static image style and well-written dialogue. This game comes with 5 hours plus story mode, where you will be made drifting and feel the sensation of being a killer.

Although shooter-coded, this game is not exactly good in that category, but this game is really rich in stories that make it very worth to play.

2. Her StoryIf you like the game of mystery or detective, you certainly should not miss this one game, but you need to know this game almost or even have no gameplay.

Her Story is indeed really rely only from the story alone, fortunately the story that was delivered really neat and good.

In this game you will be confronted with various documentaries of a case. You will also access the police database and try to investigate exactly what happened.

With all the clues available, you must find conclusions and solve the crime cases contained in the game Her Story.

3. Yesterday

Still from the matter of revealing evil, in this game you will play the role of a Henry White who must find the cause of a series of murders in New York, and discover the truth of seemingly related people. They find scarred shapes 'Y' appear in their hands.

This game itself includes aspects like murder, violence and even a sexual theme, so it may not be suitable for small children.

And for adult players, great graphics and stories make this game a recommendation for those of you who love games with good storylines.

4. Gemini Rue

Solid and complicated, Gemini Rue requires you to thoroughly examine every piece of the story presented in the game, so that you can understand and finish the game with a satisfied smile.

Here you will play two characters at once, where first you will play Azriel Odin, a former assassin who came to Planet Baracus to look for his sister.For the second character you will portray Delta Six, a person whose memory has been eliminated for breaking the rules in a futuristic utopia.

At the end of the game you will find connections from both stories that are virtually impossible to combine.

5. The Wolf Among Us

Telltale Games, is one of the developers who are diligent enough to issue games that rely on the storyline. As in one of the game is Wolf Among Us. The game adapts the story of one of Bill Willingham's famous comics titled Fables.

This game is about the characters of fairy tales and legends who fought to live in the human world. Here you will play the character of Bigby Wolf, the wolf from the Red Riding Hood tale.

Bigby himself is a sheriff at Fabletown, where you will navigate the many conflicts and problems within the city.

The final word

That's 5 games Android with the best storyline. Hopefully the above list can be a reference for you to play games on Android. Have you ever played one? Please share your experience in the comment field below yes!

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