5 Beauty Habits to Do

5 Beauty Habits to Do

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Vemale.com – When talking about habits, it is certain that there is a change that feels a big challenge because it is used to do it every day. Well, what about you? Are there special beauty habits performed? If it's good, move on. But if the habit is done badly, let's immediately change and avoid.

This time the Beauty Journal Sociolla team mentioned some of the beauty habits you need to do! Take it easy, each one can be done one by one, provided you are consistent in this good beauty habits. Read more directly below ya!

1. Cleaning Makeup

This must be done for those of you who use makeup whether the makeup is thick or thin, cleaning makeup is a top priority to be done. Make sure you clean your face with double cleansing technique. The first stage You can use makeup remover to lift the rest of the dirt on the face, then proceed with the use of facial cleanser for maximum results. Guaranteed your skin is not only softer but can be prevented from skin problems on your face. Do not forget to clean also the brush or sponge makeup used to avoid the buildup of bacteria yes. Read how here.

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2. Eksflosiasi Entire Body

Exfoliate may often you do only on the skin only, then what about the other skin? Do not forget the area of ??the hands, feet, body and neck yes. Skinsofilating the skin also needs to be done regularly, because by doing a good exfoliation and true will facilitate products like moisturizer more easily enter and absorb on your skin.

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3. Using Sun Moisturizer and Sunscreen

Looks like this is not a habit that needs to be done but it is compulsory because using a moisturizer is the basic treatment for any type of facial skin. But there may be one stage that you often forget that is using sunscreen. If you do not want to look 10 years older, do not forget to add sunscreen as your daily routine. Choose which contains SPF and PA to protect skin from sun exposure and prevent you from skin problems such as black spots or irritation.

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4. Involving Face Serum

If you are used to doing the habit no.3 it's time you go to the next facial treatment classes that add to the serum in beauty rituals. Investing serum certainly does not hurt because serum is believed to have a myriad of benefits, not only because of its relatively light texture, serum has a higher concentration of active ingredients that easily absorb the skin. Of course the serum also has a wide range of options to suit your skin type and needs. So, do not forget to use serum every day yes!

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5. Remove your Expired Makeup

Nothing is eternal in this world, and so is beauty products. All beauty products definitely have a time limit, so do not keep your collection forever yes. It is important to pay close attention to the dates on the packaging first. When it is opened, please also note the ideal age of beauty products. If left alone for long periods of time, may appear bacteria that can damage the skin to cause irritation. Find out when to give up your cosmetics here and say goodbye to an outdated product.

Of these 5 beauty habits, have you done it all? Share in the following comments field with other customs that you think are important also done by other women.

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