5 Benefits of Durian Fruits For Health

5 Benefits of Durian Fruits For Health

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Durian is a fruit that many diatanam by the people of Indonesia, and this type of fruit is very much at all. Some of the content contained in the durian has a lot of benefits or usefulness for humans.

Durian is a fruit that has a distinctive aroma or rather a stinging aroma. For the durian lover, the typical aroma of durian can arouse the taste, but for those who do not like it then the durian scent can cause dizziness and even nausea.

Durian fruit origin is consumed normally and not excessive it will provide positive benefits for health, but if consuming durian in large amounts and excessive it will lead to dangerous diseases or even death.

So what are the benefits or efficacy of durian fruit? Here's the explanation:

Can Increase Stamina

The benefits of durian fruit for human health the first is to increase stamina. Durian fruit has a lot of carbohydrates so that it can meet the need for energy. Thus consuming durian fruit can increase energy and not easily tired.

Reduce Depression

Inside the durian fruit there is a B6 content that is capable of producing serotonin. Serotonin can serve to ward off an attacking depression.

Increases Blood Levels

Durian fruit also has benefits to increase levels in the human body. This is because in durian fruit is also contained float, copper and iron that works to increase blood levels in the body.

Menutrisi Bones And TeethDurian fruit also contains calcium, potassium, B1 and B2 which serves to nourish your bones and teeth.

More Ageless

The benefits of the last durian fruit is to make a person look more youthful. This is because in the fruit there is Vitamin C so good to ward off free radicals that attack the skin so the skin will look brighter.

That's the durian benefits for the health of the body, but you need to remember that in order to consume a reasonable durian and not excessive. Hopefully the article is useful for you all.

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