5 Best Android Book Reading Apps On Android

5 Best Android Book Reading Apps On Android

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In this modern era, all the technologies have an impact on every aspect of life, from the needs of learning, work, to entertainment, all can be overcome with technology.

Just like reading a book, now we can read books digitally through smartphones or other gadgets. This is a good thing because we no longer need to torture the forest to make books with paper. Here are 5 Best Book Reading Apps on Android On Indonesian Language.

5 Best Android Book Reading Apps on Android

1. Wattpad

This one application is suitable for you who like to read novels. Because in it already available a variety of novels, ranging from horror genre, romance, and sci-fi you can find and read in this application. Surely interesting, you can read everything for free.

In addition to novels, you can also find many other kinds of books. You just need to regeditate your account on the app, and afterwards you can access the various books you want to read. If you like to write, your talent can also be channeled through this application, with create feature, you can share the story of your creations to fellow users of other applications.

2. Google Play Books

This one app is actually another version of Google Play, where you usually use to install apps, this one you use to download and read books digitally. You can select the books you like, from free to paid.

Here you can also find many collections of books from famous authors, such as J.K.Rowling, J.R.R. Tolken, or from Indonesia like Andrea Hirata. You can also download the Audio Book version, where you will not have to read, but listen to the sound of the book.

3. iPusnas

Want to book many references but lazy to come to the library? Relax, you can use the application made by National Library, namely iPusnas. Here you can find many collections of books, just like you are looking for books in the library.Thousands of e-books can be accessed directly and for free through the application. To read it, you simply use the e-reader feature in the application. In addition you can use the offline reading option to save your quota.

4. Jakarta

Just like iPusnas, iJakarta application, is a reading innovation presented by the Jakarta Library Agency. If you do not have much free time to come to the library, you can still read the library collection books Jakarta through this application.

There are a variety of books, from education, history, to novels that you can get here. To read it you can use the e-reader feature, with two online and offline options if you want to read without quota.

5. Novel Nusantara

If you are a novel lover made by local authors, you must download this one application. You can find various collections of novel books from all writers in Indonesia, and of course with a variety of genres that pamper you.

What is unique about this one app is that there are a few elements of RPG games in it. Yes, the more you read and review a book, you will accumulate EXP to level up. If you can reach a certain level, you will get 'Martabak' instead of food, but 'martabak' is a kind of tool for you to vote on the author of the book you like.

Yes, that's the first 5 best reading apps in Android on Indonesian. Now reading activities are easier and more helpful thanks to creative applications like above. Happy reading yes!

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