5 Best Moneymaking Game 2017

5 Best Moneymaking Game 2017

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A game today is not enough to be enjoyed as a mere means of entertainment, some developers try to offer something that can be an attraction for homemade games, one of which is a reward system that can be exchanged for real money. Well, in addition to the developers themselves who benefit, gamers who play it will get the benefits accordingly.

Well, this time I will give you a line of games that can make money if you intend to play it. Curious? Let's see directly deh following.

Market Glory

Market Glory is a game with a story line building a country from scratch, starting from economic, political, military, and social development for the sake of the country's progress. Playing Market Glory also requires the right strategy in order to run an ideal government.

In addition to being able to exchange resources with other countries, players here must also build a strong military, and even invest to increase revenue. Some of the achievements that players make can be exchanged for euro. The money will be sent via paypal account. How to register is quite easy, because it only requires an e-mail. Now Market Glory can be played on any platform, including Android.

Web Points

Web Points is a site that provides many games in it. The games you play on the website will directly provide points that can be redeemed with prizes in the form of money or credit. There are various games that you can play, so you do not have to worry if you get bored with one of the games. Oh yes, the more games you play the faster the points will accumulate, hunt try now!

Dungeons & Treasures

Dungeons & Treasures is a game that presents an underground exploring experience, so players must try to collect buried treasures in the ground to be redeemable for real money. Each gold produced can be exchanged for money, the calculation of every 100 thousand gold collected can be exchanged for money of Rp 1,500.

Do not be discouraged by the amount, because on average each month the player can produce 20 million Gold to 1 billion Gold or equivalent to the money of Rp 150 thousand to Rp 2 million. Plus the event and bonuses will surely increase the amount of your income more.

Oh Crop!Oh Crop! is one cool game that will give you a gift of bitcoin, do not believe it? So, the gameplay on this game is actually more similar to Plants vs. Zombie games, but the players here have to fight against evil plants, not zombies.

Every week, players who are able to enter the top 20 will get a free bitcoin prize. In addition, players can also get free bitcoins through several quests and events provided, such as running multiple missions and clicking on ads.

Golden Towns

Similar to Market Glory, inside Golden Towns players are also invited to build a city, such as factories, highways, housing, military, etc. In addition, players are also given the feature to trade and conduct attacks between other countries. But the most important part of this game is to build a gold mine, because it is the mine that can create virtual money to be converted into real money.

That's the 5 best games that can make money. Do you guys want to try it? But before that do not forget to share this article to your friends and also comment below yes. May be useful.

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