5 Best Programming Languages Used In 2017

5 Best Programming Languages Used In 2017

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Many programming languages ??are used to create software, Android apps, other mobile apps, even programming languages ??to create a cool website. Well, as berkembanganya digital era, then there is the best programming language that you must learn.

Why is that? Therefore, this programming language has been widely used for many years lately, even until February in 2017 this year. Approximately, the best programming language 2017 is it appropriate?

5 Best Programming Languages ??2017

1. SQL

SQL or Structured Query Language is indeed one of the mainstream programming languages ??or the most widely used by the perpetrators of IT. In fact, the use of one program language reaches 50,000 within a year.

This program language is commonly used to organize data in Relational Database Management System or RDBMS. Last year, Microsoft has released SQL Server 2016 which introduces several new features to make it more open-source.

2. Java

Who does not know Java? This programming language is really widely used by anyone, even a new learning coding though. Therefore, the growth of java program language users reached almost 30,000 during the year 2017.

Java is one of the well-known program languages, which are used for a variety of purposes, such as operating systems, device programming and platforms. Most definitely, Android apps, computer applications, and also video games that are usually made use of Java.

3. Python

Python is the most widely used programming language in work in 2016 to the present. Usually, Python is used for high level programming. Interestingly, Python itself is a coding language that is easy to learn.Some libraries have made this one programming language related to math, physics, and natural processing for education. Companies giants like Google, Yahoo, Nasa, PBS, and Reddit, use Python for their website.

4. JavaScript

JavaScript is also a good programming language from 2016 to early 2017 at this time. So what can be done with JavaScript? Many!

First, you can use it to create an awesome cool website, then a game on the web. JavaScript itself has been compatible with all your usual browsers. So, the possibility of failure is a bit.

5. C ++

The C ++ programming language shows nearly 20,000 job offers that require you to master it. Well, then from that, it can be concluded that C + + itself is widely used in the year 2016 until February 2017 this.

C ++ itself is a common program language based on C Language. C ++ itself is quite powerful lho, has a high performance to create software systems, game engines, web applications and desktops.

That's 5 programming languages ??are widely used until the year 2017. Do not forget to read articles about Program and other interesting writing from Jofinno Herian yes.

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