5 Biggest Hack Cases During 2015

5 Biggest Hack Cases During 2015

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Security in the digital world today is a very important thing because people can easily access other people's personal data and use it for certain things and sometimes even for bad. Well during 2015 there are some of the biggest hacking cases that occur, and the following 5 biggest Hacking Cases of 2015.

5 Biggest Hacking Cases During 2015

1. Ashley Madison

A very large hacking case involving over 37 million users with fairly personal and sensitive data. Even reported also if the data revealed one of them is financial data.

Today's specialized websites are hacked by a number of hackers as a step to provide information that the paid Full Delete feature of the website is just a lie because it says user data will not be stored.

2. Anonymous Vs ISIS

The case of Anonymous Vs ISIS started when ISIS bombed the city of Paris and they mentioned that they were the masterminds of the riots. It got resistance from Anonymous which is a famous hacker group in the world. With its ability, Anonymous managed to dismantle the ISIS plan and deploy ISIS member Twitter account. In addition Anonymous also closed access ISIS website.

3. Anonymous Vs Turkey

War between Anonymous and the Turkish government by shutting down more than 400,000 Turkish websites and continuing to attack Turkey cyberattack. This is because Turkey supports ISIS, while Anonymous wants Turkey to stop supporting terrorism, and this is what Anonymous does. Not even websites, but banks and government sites are also the subject of Anonymous attacks to Turkey.

4. Anthem

Hacker attacks on Anthem became the demolition of data on the greatest health information in history. Hacker mentioned managed to take more than 78 million patient data and also 18 million data about workers. Anthem is one of the largest health insurers in the United States.5. Anonymous vs Donald Trump

Sparked from a Donald Trump speech that attacks a religion where Islam is considered a terrorist and will expel Muslim citizens in the United States and ban Muslims from entering the United States. This triggers Anonymous to attack Donald Trump's website as a warning if Donald Trump continues to do the same and spread hatred.

If you have a hacking case that happened in 2015 and you think is very big, please share it in the comments below.

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