5 Classic SEGA Games That Can Be Played on Android Smartphones

5 Classic SEGA Games That Can Be Played on Android Smartphones

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Retro game enthusiasts, especially from the SEGA console recently received good news with the presence of SEGA Forever Collection. With the release of SEGA Forever Collection, you can play free SEGA games on both Android and iOS mobile devices.

If you used to be able to play only SEGA games on the console, SEGA Forever Collection now gives you nostalgic opportunity to play legendary games on mobile devices. Then, what SEGA games can you play on Android and iOS? Here's the review.

5 Classic SEGA Game Playable on Mobile Devices

1. Sonic the Hedgehog

Who does not know this legendary game? Yes, Sonic the Hedgehog is an age-old platform game that is still in demand today. Gameplaynya simple but still fun and fun to play make this game continues to be a favorite. Now, the game released in late 1991 is already playable with a Mobile device with the same features with a little update.

2. Altered Beast

Prior to attending Sonic the Hedgehog, SEGA had already released an arcade game in 1988. The game that tells of a person who transformed into BEAST has a storyline and strong character that remains exciting to be played even in modern times as it is today. Moreover, now Altered Beast can already be played on mobile devices.

3. Phantasy Star II

Next is Phantasy Star II. You can now play this exciting RPG game on android or iOS. Phantasy Star II which is an advanced series of Phantasy Star will take you to a new world full of exciting and thrilling adventure with a simple gameplay typical SEGA game.

4. Kid Chameleon

Kid Chameleon released in 1992 is now also ready to be played on mobile devices through SEGA Forever Collection. The game is quite popular in his time has a plot that can make players feel at home for long. The graphics offered were good enough for old-time games.5. Comix Zone

Game single player genre Beat em up, Comix Zone is one of the legendary SEGA game is quite popular up to now. Games that take the setting in New York City has its own characteristics so worth mentioning as a legendary game. With not-so-difficult controls, Comix Zone can be played casually on Android and iOS.

That's 5 SEGA games that can be played on mobile devices. For those of you who want to reminisce with the SEGA retro games, do not miss the five games, yes!

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