5 Couples Dispute Type and How to Finalize it

5 Couples Dispute Type and How to Finalize it

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Liputan6.com, Jakarta No couple who never quarrel or quarrel with their partner. "All couples argue, and this is perfectly normal," says Rachel Sussman, L.C.S.W., a relationship therapist in New York.

"The way you argue separates, where the relationship is healthy, and which is the problem."

In every quarrel, one thing to remember, you want more communication, not less. "When you feel frustrated or upset with your partner, try to cut it off immediately," said Sussman.

He suggests that you tell what's bothering you, and why. And try to focus on solutions instead of emotions. "Listening is as important as explaining and exploring your own feelings," says Sussman again.

To help you resolve a normal quarrel, the following five arguments are most often found by the relationship expert, and how to solve them. As reported Men's Health, Wednesday (27/12/2017):

1. Different financial priorities

You want to renovate the kitchen, but the husband wants to change the car. This sort of thing happens normally in marriage.

Having a different idea of ??spending is natural, but it's important to convey your feelings to your partner, rather than piling up resentments, says Rebecca Hendrix, L.M.F.T., a therapist in New York.

"You probably will not win all the priorities, but conveying your wishes is a healthy thing," he continued again.

How to deal with: "It's important for you to understand why couples want what they want, sometimes just by ensuring that their views alone can help make a balanced decision," Hendrix said.

"Help the couple understand, why what he wants is equally profitable for him and you," added Hendrix.

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