5 Definite Android Secrets You Do not Know

5 Definite Android Secrets You Do not Know

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If yesterday the Road Rikes ever make articles containing about the facts Android is rarely known by many people that is 6 Facts Android (I think) Not You Tau, on this occasion Jalan Rats intend to reveal some secrets of Android smartphone that is not published to the user. You may be a big fan of Android, but there could be 5 Android secrets that you do not know yet.

Android itself is a Linux-based operating system designed for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Android OS was officially released in 2007 and the first Android phone went on sale in October 2008. In addition to such common things, it turns out there are secrets of Android smartphones that you probably never heard before. What are they? Lets check it out !!

5 Definite Android Secrets You Do not Know

1. Android is not made for smartphones

It must be a secret Android is rarely really known by people. Not many know if Android originally designed as a platform for digital cameras. One of the founders of Android, Andy Rubin recognizes the potential of the smartphone market is growing and they want to try their luck to the realm of smartphones to finally challenge Windows Phone and Symbian. Android works very well on smartphones but Android is actually designed for digital cameras. Examples of digital cameras running Android OS are Nikon CoolPix S800c and Samsung Galaxy Camera NX.

2. Google gets capital from NSA and CIA

According to some conspiracy theories circulated, Google was capitalized by the CIA and the NSA as part of their proprietary information superiority programs. The program is designed to incubate start-ups that are promising and can be used by the US government as well as military intelligence agencies to ensure future technological advantages. There are many interesting and sometimes frightening links between Google and the American intelligence community that are Android's secret and are not publicly publicized.

3. Android Marshmallow will remember passwords, preferences, settings, even everything!

The next Android secret is Marshmallow will never forget the preferences of applications or passwords that you ever enter on your Android smartphone. So once you have an application on Android Marshmallow, then you can save all your data even if you change the smartphone or reinstall in the future.

4. Google is not a completely free technology

Sometimes Android is rich can ngelakuin anything aja ya. But Google is not a completely free technology. Mobile Application Distribution Agreement (MADA) basically forces manufacturers to include not just one, but the entire Google Suite app if they want to use the Android platform. This Android secret is opposed by The European Commission. They even investigated Google for antitrust violations with MADA.5. You can make Google change Android

Remember not Google Android KitKat trying to get rid of microSD card on Android? Lots of opposing users. The developers finally found a way to handle it. Google started restoring the rearrangements on Android Lollipop. The microSD card remains inserted and does not get rid of it. When you insert a microSD card in Marshmallow device then the microSD card will be treated the same as internal storage.

Well, so among the 5 Android secrets above, which one have you heard before? Write your comment in the comment field below yes!

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