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Although he said education is the right and at the same time a basic obligation for everyone, but all certainly know if the cost of the school is expensive. Not just in a country like Indonesia whose economic inequality is extraordinary, even in developed countries, education is still quite expensive. This is the reason he said to encourage a girl from France to sell her virginity on the internet. As reported by Tribunnews, 18-year-old girl named Adriana to desperate peddling virginity worth Rp800 million for wanting to continue studying in Asia in order to realize his ideals to be a teacher.

The practice of buying and selling virginity is indeed seem increasingly widespread. Still remember not with the story of Alexandra Khefren who once had horrendous for successfully selling her virginity to the Hong Kong billionaire for Rp34, 1 billion. Although the reason is different, it turns out that both girls use the same site services to offer her virginity. Site named Cinderella Escort is arguably the greatest pioneer and player in this virgin business. Businesses that make their owners wealthy and so the world's talk.

Although criticized for being obviously unethical and even illegal, the owner insists that he is just an ordinary businessman. What exactly is Cinderella Escorts? See this Hipwee News & Feature review guys!

Jan Zakobielski, 26 years old, is the man behind Cinderella Escorts. He became a young millionaire from his business as a distributor of virgin women with interested clients

Zakobielski calls Cinderella Escorts an agency that is the supplier of women who want to sell their virginity to trusted buyers. This idea originally came after a woman told her that she was looking for someone who wanted to buy her virginity. Zakobielski offers his services to find the person. He thinks it would be dangerous if she searched for herself without an agency. He could meet people who would not pay even if virginity is obtained. Through his agency, Zakobielski want to reduce the occurrence of these bad possibilities.

Although his work is generally the same as pimps, he prefer to be called a businessman. According to him there is a difference between his job and prostitution

Zakobielski did not accept if he was equated with pimps. Yes, although the system of sale is generally similar, namely by taking 20% ??profit from sales, but according to him there is a fundamental difference. The women who decide to sell it to buyers will be more likely to be deceived. He might even be forced to sell himself on the black market. The point is Zakobielski's agency is more official and legal. So no doubt his professionalism. But yes still this business can not be understood common sense!

The site also includes a description of why escorts sell their virginity. Mostly for college and living expenses! Duh, sad

I want to sell my virginity on Cinderella Escorts because I want to live in Los Angeles and be able to study in a good acting school. I hope that doing this will one day give me the opportunity to act in films. Due to my parents financial situation they are unable to help me with my studies. I would also like to live in a place where there are better opportunities for me. I think that this is the best way to give myself the future of my dreams. Sasha, escorts.

The escorts, the name for the women on the Cinderella Escorts site are certainly not without reason to decide to sell their virginity. There are for tuition, including Adriana, the virile French girl whose video is viral. But there are also some who have thought, Rather than my virginity fall into the hands of the wrong people, who at any time can leave me, I better sell it. God, what kind of world are we living today ?!

The clients need not worry about being cheated, because every escorts have a virgin certificate as proof that they have never been in touch!The agency has obviously considered possible possibilities including deceptions that escorts may have, saying they have never been in contact, when in reality they are not. To cope with that, the agency has no rules to accept escorts without a virgin certificate from a health professional! Even so clients who have not fully believed can take escorts for virginity tests again. Crazy yes, when an honor made commodities.

As a woman, there I felt sad.

Not only selling virginity, on the site there is also a rental service dating friends. Start a normal person until a celebrity can offer her

Apparently the escorts in there not only ordinary people you know, but many also the celebrities who sell themselves! Most of them have already had careers in the 18+ world such as hot movie artists or magazine models. And these celebrities are displayed in different columns with ordinary girls. Yes essentially their tariffs are more expensive so. In addition to the service of buying and selling virginity, this agency also accommodate the men who need a date. The choice can be only 2 hours, 1 day, even 1 week!

Kinds of games on the computer, Cinderella Escorts site the clients who are surveyed also can choose what kind of girl, ranging from country origin, physical character, to age, and weight! Duh, sad yes, it's so hard to find money so that such an instant way to be an option?

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