5 First Person Shooting (FPS) Game Augmented Reality Best Version of the Road Rats

5 First Person Shooting (FPS) Game Augmented Reality Best Version of the Road Rats

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FPS games or first person shooting is one genre of games that are quite old and popular among gamers. Games with this genre are also spread evenly in various platforms, including Android. Along with the development of technology, FPS games also helped develop. Augmented Reality Technology was carried. As a result, FPS game experience feels more real.

To play the FPS Augmented Reality game, high specification is required. Some sensors such as gyroscope are also needed. If you have a smartphone with adequate specifications and are interested in trying the FPS Augmented Reality game, the following games should be tried.

1. AR Invaders

AR Invaders is an Augmented Reality FPS game that carries the plot of war between humans and aliens. With Augmented Reality technology, your smartphone will project a UFO aircraft around you.

Because this game brings augmented reality technology, this UFO projection looks to blend with your surroundings. Your job in this game is to destroy all the UFOs before they destroy the city.

Although from the graphics side of this game looks simple, there is its own pleasure in playing it. You can play AR Invaders by buying it for Rp 30 thousands.

2. Real Strike

If you want a more realistic FPS augmented reality game, Real Strike could be the game you've been looking for. This one game offers about 25 weapons that are made exactly like the original weapon. The animation is also very realistic.

Because this is an AR game or augmented reality, the environment that becomes the game map also takes the real location. That's why this game is quite popular. But to play it, you do have to make up for it by issuing a pocket of Rp 39 thousand.

3. Zombie Go

How would it be if you were trapped in a city full of zombies and always hunting you? This scene certainly reminds us of scenes in movies or zombie games like Resident Evil. But in Zombie Go, it really feels real. The augmented reality technology adopted in this game will make you feel a similar sensation.Zombies emerge with the background of the city or location where you are now. They will hunt you. In order to survive, you must finish them all using the available weapons. Interestingly again, this game is available for free, but Zombie Go also offers some items that you can buy.

4. iSnipeYou

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be a sniper? Game titled iSnipeYou allows you to experience the experience with the real environment. This game will turn your smartphone into a rifle that you can use to target anyone or anything around you.

When you hit a target, you can see effects like blood splashes through your smartphone. The more target you shoot, the higher the score you get. The interface of this game is simple. However, it seemed enough to give the new experience a sniper. This game is available in free version and paid version which can be redeemed by paying Rp 20 thousands.

5. Father.io

This one game is actually still in development and does not have a stable version. However, it must be recognized this game worth mentioning as a cool FPS augmented reality game. To play it you need a special device called a laser tag. Just like traditional FPS games, you can play this game with friends, joined in factions and fight against other factions.

There he is 5 best FPS Augmented Reality 2017 version of Jalan Tikus. How? Something you've played? Please share your play experience in the comment field below. Good luck and hopefully useful!

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