5 Flower carcasses bloom in Bengkulu, residents can see for free

5 Flower carcasses

Image source: http://farm2.staticflickr.com/1346/4731519816_372ab2a1db_z.jpg

Five flower buds (Amorphophallus sp) bloom in the conservation site belonging to the villagers of Tebat Monok Village of Kepahiang Regency, about 53 kilometers from Bengkulu City.

Holidin, owner of the vulture breeding area on the edge of the Bukit Daun Protected Forest, said the five blooming flowers consist of two types: Amorphophallus gigas and Amorphophallus variabilis.

"Two types of gigas bloom with a height of four meters, while variabilis species shorter, an average of one meter," said Holidin in Bengkulu, Thursday (24/3).

Amorphophallus variabilis has a predominantly white flower. While the type of gigas dominated purple.

Five rare flowers that, continued Holidin, can still be enjoyed by visitors up to one week ahead.

"One gigas was blooming perfectly three days ago but one new flower just bloomed one or two days ahead," Holidin said.

Holidin confessed, a family-owned breeding area pioneered since 1998 for the conservation of rare pistas, such as Amorphophallus spp and Rafflesia sp was open to the public.

Holidin continued to reveal, do not attract levy from visitors. But it provides a donation box to support the maintenance of the three hectare conservation area.

The conservation area on the cross road of Bengkulu-Kepahiang City is quite easy to find. The location is on the edge of the highway at 53 kilometers from the city of Bengkulu.

Holidin already made a sign of banners reading Flower Amorphophallus Mekar mounted on the side of the highway.

Mirnawati, one of the visitors said was very lucky to see rare flowers bloom in the conservation area.Breeding location located on the edge of Protected Forest Bukit Daun according to the tropical forest atmosphere is still felt.

"The government should be able to help this family develop their conservation area, so it can be a tourist destination puspa rare," he hopes as quoted by Antara. [cob]

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