5 Game Catch the Best Ghost 2017, Be a Reliable Ghost Hunter

5 Game Catch the Best Ghost 2017, Be a Reliable Ghost Hunter

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Ghosts are frightening creatures that roam around us. Its presence would be very scary and also disturbing if we can see it. Have you ever thought about exterminating them all? If you can not do it in the real world, how about you join the hunt for the ghosts with 5 Android horror game this?

You just need a smartphone to take part in this exciting and exciting adventure. If you're interested, let's catch the ghosts that roam with these 5 horror Android games. Guaranteed exciting and thrilling!

Capture the Wandering Ghosts! Here are 5 Best GhostBuster Games (Catchers) 2017

1. Ghostbusters: Slime City

The game offered by Activision Publishing, Inc. has the mission of saving the city of New York and Manhattan from paranormal activity and ghost attacks. Here, you will join the Ghostbusters team to hunt down the ghosts and get the prizes.

Teamwork is the main thing. The cool and crisp graphics make this game more interesting to play. With a file size of 165 MB, this game can you play on Android with operating system 4.0.3 to higher.

2. Playmobil Ghostbusters

Playmobil Ghostbusters invites you to choose or form your own team to capture the free ghosts of the detention unit because of a fire that occurred. Your job is to catch all the ghosts and take them to the new detention unit.

This game uses timing that every time run out, the more ghosts that appear. You can escape after catching many ghosts by using a fire pole. This fun game you can download with small file size and light.

3. Ghost Go

Ghost Go will make us able to see them by using Ghost Radar. Use the camera to open the curtain to another world. You can become a demon hunter by choosing the paranormal Ghost Radar mode you want.4. Ghost Hunter In City Simulator

Next is a horror game offered by Vasya Bond and has been downloaded more than a million times. This game invites you to hunt ghosts that roam around parks, houses, and roads.

The ghosts will appear everywhere with creepy form. You must capture all the ghosts in the city with the weapons of choice to protect all those you love.

5. Ghost Train Subway Simulator

This game from Aploft puts you in a ghostly underground subway. This train is transparent and lets you see what's going on underfoot.

Here you have to catch the ghosts and zombies who attack to collect coins and money, then open a new train. This game has been downloaded more than 10 thousand times with a file size of about 72 MB.

Well, that's 5 game horror Android ghost catcher that can kaian try juka you guys like horror genre game. Of the five games, which ya ya roughly want to play? Please share it in the comment field below yes.

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