5 Games that can drain your brain. Be prepared for you to be annoyed by it !!!

5 Games that can drain your brain. Be prepared for you to be annoyed by it !!!

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Today's technology is growing rapidly growing. Especially in the process of development, was born an object known as gadgets or portable computers and the like. in a gadget and a lot of PC presents a very complete feature that is very popular among children and adolescents. One feature in it is the game app, a feature that presents exciting games in it. Lots of genres of the game for example there are advantages, strategy, horror, sport, and others.

There are also games that bergatform mindgames, a game in which full of puzzles to be solved to continue the game. This is a 5 game mindgames genre that often makes players upset.

1. Limbo

Limbo is a game from Playdead's developers. This puzzle-platformer game comes with a 2D black and white look. Limbo became one of the best multi form games, both dai gadgets and PCs. In this game tells of a little boy who suddenly woke up in a forest. Beginning to the end of this game we will be treated to puzzles and traps that we do not expect. in this game take a backdrop in a forest up in the industrial area. Until the end of this game is still a mystery that invites many questions. Because at the end of this game we will meet a mysterious girl. so, who is that girl ??

2. Inside

Inside, it can be said is a sequel game from Limbo game. Starting from the same developer that is Playdead's, the developer re-presents the game Puzzle-style genre that the path of the story increasingly complex. This game will drain your brain with puzzles and traps that will be more difficult and make you upset about it. Just like Limbo, this game also takes place in a forest and an industrial area is still the same main character of a boy. What makes Limbo and Inside different is from the graph. Inside has a better and better graph than Limbo. It's just in the game Inside plus there is a dog that chases the child and his character can swim in the water.

3. DreadOut

This one game is a game made from Indonesia's horror genre. Digital Happines as the developer of this game, trying to build the story of horo and its ghosts are wrapped differently. In this game, Linda is a high school girl who gets lost in an uninhabited town. He was lost with his friends and one teacher.

The main characters are also equipped with smartphones and digital video cameras to interact with the ghosts. This game is almost the same as the game Fatal Frame that uses a camera to fight the ghosts and look for a clue. in the game there is also a puzzling puzzle, and the puzzle is the key to continue the adventure.

4. Cat Mario

This one game is almost similar to Super Mario Bross game, but what makes it different is the trap to make players very upset about it. The character of Cat Mario is a white cat. Stay alive this game becomes one of the most difficult games to be completed around the world. It is necessary to try several times to complete each stage and require extra patience to play it. This game includes games that have a space capacity that is not large and includes light games.5. Eryi's Action

Eryi's action is a game with a Japanese platform that is duplicated by Doujin Circle Xtal Sword and Western Localizer Publisher Nyu Media. In this game Eryi told as the main character to take the fruit of melons are stolen by the trolls. In the journey will be treated to traps and combinations of goods that must be solved to proceed to the next stage.

Well that's him some games that require patience and brain to play it. So for those of you who like gam that are puzzle or mindgames platform, some of these games you can try to play.

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