5 Herbs That Can Be Consumed For You Longevity

5 Herbs That Can Be Consumed For You Longevity

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Vemale.com – God created plants around you not just as a decoration lho ladies. Plants not only provide the oxygen you need to breathe, but are also beneficial for maintaining health. It has been a long time that herbal plants are used for healing medicine and other medical practices.

As a country with a variety of plants, Indonesia has a lot of herbs that can be used to make you long life. You just need to know some plants and always provide at home for daily consumption. Here are some lists.


Garlic is used for a long time as a drug lowers high blood pressure and prevents heart disease. Some people use it because it is able to kill bacteria and prevent the development of cancer cells in the body.


Cinnamon is not only a spice herb, but also a herb that can improve blood circulation and breathing, reduce hypertension and control cholesterol levels.


Seeds are also so seasoning is originally actually become a medicinal plant. Coriander is brewed or boiled and drunk can launch blood circulation, accelerate the recovery of the body after recovering from the disease and strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Sappan wood

Secang wood is quite popular so herbal plants because of its digestive function, cope with diarrhea, cough, treat wounds and other minor ailments.

Roots of reedsRoots of reeds can be used to treat fever, launching urine disposal systems such as kidney stones, bladder stones, gall stones, bleeding and treating other diseases.

So, do not just rely on chemical drugs alone, because natural herbal remedies from nature are more effective in maintaining your health.

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