5 Hero Jungler Mobile Legends with Best Skill

5 Hero Jungler Mobile Legends with Best Skill

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Farming in the forest by killing forest minions to get gold and exp is very important in Mobile Legends games. But when jungling requires calculation and precision so as not targeted by the enemy.

There are 2 types of junk monsters in Mobile Legends. Primary Monster and Secondary Monster. What is meant by Primary Monster is like red and blue buff monster, Turtle and Lord. The Secondary Monster is a small forest monster marked by a yellow dot on a map. Here's a full review of 5 Best Jungle Mobile Legends!

1. Vexana

Vexana, with its creepy yet cool concept, it became a hero mage that many enthused by Mobile Legends players. This hero is very suitable as a hero jungler because his passive skill gives extra spell magic to the target that is affected by Vexana damage skill.

The opponent is affected by the spell or spell will receive enough damage to the explosion, other than that the other skill can release the dark energy, which can make the opponent disable and move forward towards him.

2. Fanny

Fanny has a high mobility, is able to avoid attacks, and his attacks are hard to avoid. He can quickly catch a fleeing enemy, and if caught, the enemy will die!

Thanks to his skill called Tornado Strike, this hero has high damage and relatively quick cooldown, Fanny is a good jungler. He was able to clean the monsters in the forest very quickly!

3. Natalia

Hero assassin is very cool if loh used for jungling. That's because the 2nd skill from Natalia allows him to make the enemies dizzy and the ability to avoid Natalia so increases.

That means Natalia can finish off the forest monsters without having to take damage from the monster. Besides Natalia attack speed is also good ya to kill the forest monsters very quickly.4. Sun

Sun with his passive skill that produces clones, gives you the advantage of killing monsters in the forest quickly! Clone from Sun also equally skill if you take out the skill.

Sun's second skill, can get closer to the opponent and give slow to the opponent. This skill becomes a skill for Sun to do ganking to enemy. This Hero is also one of the best to become a jungler Mobile Legends!

5. Cyclops

He can use skill 1 and skill 2 quickly in a row that generates massive damage that is suitable for jungling. In addition, the ultimate of Cyclops is also very useful to make the opponent to be disabled for a few seconds and ultimate skill that he had very deadly when combined with his 1st skill.

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