5 How To Take Care Of The Mattress To Stay Awful

5 How To Take Care Of The Mattress To Stay Awful

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Vemale.com – Ladies, believe not, in a year humans can spend about 3,000 hours on the mattress. Sleeping on a comfortable mattress can improve the quality of health that helps support our daily work productivity.

Although it looks trivial, it turns out the mattress should be treated well you know. My experience, just 2-3 years to buy a new mattress, it was broken. Though the mattress is not a cheap thing to buy a routine is not it? Well, how the hell do I treat the mattress to last for years? Check out the explanation as we reported from the following bedroom.about.com.

Mattress Rotation Regularly

We often forget to rotate the mattress regularly. Though this way can extend its life you know. You can rotate it by changing the direction normally used on the head to the foot (on the contrary) or reversing once every 1 month.

Use Matras

If you do not use a mat on a regular basis, then your mattress will be susceptible to moist air, dust, debris of dead skin cells from skin to sweat. This is what makes the mattress so easily damaged.

Do not Jump on the Mattress

Usually the kids love to jump on the mattress. Should avoid this because it will cause the pear in the mattress to be easy soak.

Do not Let Pets Sleep on Your Mattress

As clean as any of your pets, they carry unseen bugs. Routinely clean the mattress using a vacuum cleaner to remove the lice from your pet or do not let them sleep on your mattress.

Routine Dried in the SunlightFree the mattress from odors and bacteria by routinely exposing it in the sun. When replacing the mattress, make sure you also let the mattress be exposed to clean air yes.

These ways will extend the life of your mattress. But keep in mind is the mattress should be replaced every 10 years to maintain the health of our spine during sleep. Hopefully this information can help you maintain a better mattress, Ladies.

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