5 Investing In A Human’s Life

5 Investing In A Human's Life

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We all have to wonder, "Now I have to do ya? Duhbosen really ya! Ih..si au dah streets abroad aja, take home S2, while I'm here do not know what to do! Duh, I what are you doing now ?! " These kinds of questions arise when you do not understand what to do after you finish the activity or finish UAS for college students who all come home for 1-2 months, and you do not have a friend anymore or one by one temen college already start leaving you alias graduate and get a job or continue the business of his parents, while you have not graduated-pass still preparing for your graduation.

Do you realize that all those questions have the same core?

Yes, that question if traced again boils down to one core question that is: "I'm doing life alive ?!" In general, the purpose of human life is there are two, namely preparing for akhiratnya or other life after death and survive so as not miserable in living life.

The purpose of human life there are only two, preparing for the afterlife and surviving the present life.

In order to achieve these two purposes of life, God is not silent and does not allow man without provision. One of them is time. Let's reflect once again, already used for what time we start from school until now? Have we used that time as well as possible? Though we are only given time by God it is very limited and we do not know when our time is up in this world.

Many books or readings that discuss about the use of time such as entrepreneurship, traveling, technology and so forth, but no one summarizes what should be done by humans in order to take advantage of the time as well as possible. If we are more observant again, time or time is something very valuable and can be said that time is an investment.

Time is a very valuable investment and we can not take it back.

If time is an investment, then of course do not waste time. Because he is too valuable to waste. With time, we can achieve the 2 life goals that have been discussed earlier. Then we have to do?

1. Invest money

Yes, if this one does not need to be asked again deh. We can not deny that anything in this day and age definitely need money, starting from how we eat at warteg, sampe beliin for friend or friends friends who are birthday or buy a plane ticket to go home.

Usually make this money investment, most people will think how to develop money either odd jobs or trade or severe such as pesugihan pork ngepet, tuyul pelihara, and others (do not dilakuin yes if the latter, hihihi).Many things can be done to develop the money we have, such as:

Instilling shares or capital in other companies,

Property business (kosan, rented, hotel, hostel, and so on),

Agriculture / farming,


Open copy on the campus area,

Car / motorbike rental,

Seeking odd jobs in GO * EK, G * AB, U * ER,

And many other businesses that essentially are "raising money".

The purpose of this money investment is to maintain stability so that we can do the activities we want. Like gasoline that causes the car can run, this money is also because we are able to get something we want. Do not let us run out of money, but also do not just focus on money alone! Because our investment is not just money.

Money is not everything, but money is one reason we can get something we want.2. Health investment

Well, this one is usually forgetfulness. Most people focus on financial investment alone, even when there is a sounding word "Investment" is definitely on the "money" thinker. But it is not! Health is a very, very important investment even if we do not make this investment, we will be very sorry in the old days later!

When you are investing in health, you are not involved in insurance or a life protection program. Because insurance and life protection programs do not include health investment but include "way out when we are no longer healthy."

The essence of health investment is how we maintain our body's health as well as possible. Let us reflect again, when we already have the money say Rp1.000.000.000, – but our brains paralyzed due to stroke / wind sit / cancer (Na'udzu billah) what do we want? The money will slowly run out to pay for our treatment. Is not that health one of the two favors most often forgotten by humans?

This health investment is not just physical health. In general, this health investment consists of two, namely physical health (body) and mental health (psychic). Do you realize that traveling is also a health investment? Traveling with girlfriends friends or relatives to a beautiful place, laughing together and taking a vacation is a stress reliever or depression. This is really to be considered because depression is a psychiatric disease that is not easily detected.

In addition to traveling, you can also play games to remove tired moments from the saturation of learning on campus, the work that stacks up from the boss, or when you're not sure what to do. But you do not get addicted, because games and entertainment like movies, hanging out, traveling is not something done too much. Our time for mental health investment should not make us run out of time for other investments.

You can also spend time with futsal, badminton, swimming, martial arts or anything that is a game as well as a healthy physical exercise. Let us count, in a week we exercise how many times compared to eating? Do not be surprised if your fat belly is exposed to the risk of obesity or other diseases.

Health is one of the two favors most often forgotten by humans.

3. Family investment

Typically, this section is the part most often discussed by young people. Yes, what else if not a love affair and a more serious relationship or married? It is realized or not, that when we decide to marry the boyfriend of our loved one either openly or in silence. Actually we are investing!

Hah? Investation? From where?Sabarbiar I explained first. For the singles who are waiting for love mas-mas / mbak-mbak already or will get married, surely you will think want to have children. Yes, it's natural from his son if he wants to continue his life. We who are still aged 18-23 years, usually have not thought that we are not always young. There are times when we later when the age of 60 years and over have started sickly whether it's stomach, gout, or diseases related to age. The health investment we discussed in point number two is actually one of the efforts that we do so that we prolong the productive life of our bodies. Meanwhile, there is one disease that can not be cured and can not be avoided that is old. And also, we will not feel proud if we succeed but our children do not.

Having children is an investment and God's grace that we take care of and when we grow up, they are the people we can rely on when we need help. Think about it, when we are 70 years old and need special care, who will take care of us? what is our friend? our neighbors? of course our children.

For all these readers, immediately serve your parents who are still alive. Because you are the hope of parents. Do not be ungodly, you will understand yourself if your child is rebellious. For young couples who now have children, love, take good care and educate your children well. A conducive, positive, and smart family atmosphere will keep our kids from bad influences such as rough temperament, depression, and domestic rifts. Does not having a successful child be our pride also in front of others?

Family is our hope in the future because we have limited time.

4. Investment science

To do the things that have been done above, of course you need basic knowledge. Science in the intent is the science of a general nature, either that can be in money or that just a hobby only. Such as linguistics, martial arts, cooking science, programming science, business sciences, and others.

We are created one of them is to think and to study. There is a good sentence that we should reflect,

"Practice knowledge from the cradle to the grave."

That is, always demand knowledge wherever you are since you small until death to pick up. Demanding knowledge does not mean you have to take lessons here and there, make homework, assignments, UTS, UAS and like a boring school system less interesting. You can study by coming along to help people who have businesses such as coffee shops, digital printing, merchandise, or whatever you like. Or when it is the end of the semester break, leave, you can go to the place you like and learn how to make a cake, plant a bark, make an emergency irrigation in your hometown. It also includes studying.

If you are bored with traveling, go to the mall with friends, and you still do not have anything to do but you are really bored then you can try to develop your hobby. Who knows can be money in the future. You learn programming and make a robot, who knows tomorrow the robot can help you massage grease if you are tired or you learn how to make solar panels, or you who like the world of workshops can try to modify the motor (just do not make ajax exhaust). Or develop your language skills, such as English let me travel to foreign countries and nawar goods, Arabic let me not get lost if pas again Umroh, or Korean language, who knows dapet people there right? Or you learn swimming, cook if you go to the pool with my friends or else play to the sea just diem aja on the edge of other liatin like Nobita aja hehehe.

Intelligence is one reason we are easy in doing everything.5. Hereafter investment

Well, this one also never be forgotten! Because this is the ultimate goal in life. Do not forget that you live now in this world will be asked 4 accountability.

What are you spending for?

Your body used for what?

Science used for what?

Where did you get from?

To prepare for the life of the hereafter, do good deeds from now especially charity faddy whose reward will flow even though we have died.

Do all five of these investments before they run out and face endless regret at the end of life!

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