5 Jurus Make a Powerful Pulse for a Quite a Month!

5 Jurus Make a Powerful Pulse for a Quite a Month!

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Liputan6.com, Jakarta The subsidized electricity tariff adjustment made by the Government in the last few months has resulted in considerable impact for some people. Not only for those who use postpaid electricity service, prepaid electricity users or who use electrical token was also affected.

Yes, if usually in a certain nominal amount of electric pulses which are usually purchased enough for use a month now no longer. So how to fix it to stay enough until the end of the month?

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Apparently there are four easy ways that you can apply to avoid waste of electrical pulses. Check out some tips from Rumah.com below.

1. Change the Boros Habit

Unconsciously we often do waste of electricity, for example due to our bad habits like falling asleep while watching television or let the bathroom lights on when unused. Reduce these bad habits.

And to be more frugal, the activity that usually requires electricity just do it manually. For example, reduce the use of a blender machine to make chilli and replaced by slinging, cooking rice the traditional way without rice cooker, and no longer using a hair dryer.

2. Use of Air Cooler

Living in tropical climates does force you to always turn on air conditioners like Air Conditioner (AC) in the room. Though this electronic device consumes relatively large electrical power.

You can work around this by choosing a low-power AC and environmentally friendly. Or simply by turning on the fan alone.

3. Ensure Open and Clean VentilationIf you have a cooler or an air heater in the room, try checking your home vent. Some rooms may be closed. In fact, a closed room actually forced the air conditioner to work harder to make the room cool.

So in addition to opening the vents, clean any filter or ventilation air filter if it looks dusty. This can make indoor air clean and fresh.

Meanwhile, if not using air conditioning, ventilation and windows are open and free of dust can also bring the air rotation and the entry of natural and fresh sunlight into the room.

4. Get in the habit of Unplug Cables from the Contact Stop

Use power on the device only when it will be used. In addition, get used to unplug the power cord from the outlet when not in use. The cable that stays in the socket, even if the device is not in use, will still absorb the power that keeps the electricity bill running.

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Keep in mind, disconnecting the cable from the power outlet can save up to 30 percent of the electricity cost.

5. Washing clothes with washing machine

More wise to use a washing machine can also be one strategy to save electricity. First, avoid using warm water for washing as this can increase electricity consumption by 90%. On the other hand, washing with cold water also reduces your work because you do not need to separate the types of clothes when washing.

The second step, avoid filling the washing machine to full. Although your machine can load and operate as usual, but actually this is burdensome engine performance. Ideally, leave 25% empty space inside the machine to spin and make the shirt dry out to its fullest.

Finally, it is best to wash during the day because the electricity tariff is not too high and can save your balance pulse.Admittedly, the most efficient electricity saving efforts require substantial investment funds. For example by installing solar electricity on the roof of the house. But the cost is fairly commensurate and more environmentally friendly because it is permanent. For you who are interested in installing solar electricity, consider the steps here.

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