5 Lipstick It Has a Unique Design, You Want to Try

5 Lipstick It Has a Unique Design, You Want to Try

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For women, lipstick is one of the most important products for makeup. Good for special occasions, as well as everyday. Well, in addition to shade and formula, have you ever noticed the design or packaging of lipstick? Generally, many lipstick products on the market are packaged in a simple tube. Yet another case with lipstick products below. It has a very unique and creative design, to make you think twice before wearing it.

1. Guerlain Rouge G De Guerlain Jewel Lipstick Compact

Guerlain Rouge G De Guerlain Jewel Lipstick Compact / copyright thisispowder.co.uk

The lipstick of this French brand will make it easier for you to retouch anytime and anywhere. Guess what? This lipstick is equipped with a small mirror on the lid! In addition to make it easier to see makeup, its packaging also looks very sleek and luxurious, yes! No need anymore, deh, ngaca on the front camera or use a mirror built in other makeup products.

2. Paul & Joe Kitty Cat Lipstick

Paul & amp; Joe Kitty Cat Lipstick / copyright thebeautyset

For the beauty enthusiast who is also a cat lover, can-get a heavy crush nih same lipstick on this one. The tip of this lipstick segment is designed with a cat shape, complete with details of the feather and the mustache. Lipstick is also equipped with a separate tube that has a vintage floral feel. So unfortunately yes if you want to use?

3. Urban Decay Lipstick Sword Collection

Urban Decay Lipstick Sword Collection / copyright glambot.com

Taking literal meaning, if makeup is the weapon of women, Urban Decay presents lipstick with a shape that resembles a weapon. Dominated in purple, the lower lipstick has a small handle that makes the lipstick look like a sword. This lipstick slays, literally.

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Clinique Crayola Chubby Stick / copyright nordstrom.com

Its playtime is the tagline of the collaborative collection of Clinique and Crayola. Appropriate, yes! Crayola does remind you of playing time in childhood, drawing or even doodling the walls. Be careful, do not get this chubby stick thought toy by your sister or nephew, yes.

5. Anna Sui Lipstick M

Anna Sui Lipstick M / copyright cloudfront.net

Anna Sui is famous for its very distinctive line of perfume packaging, dominated by black and rose accents. Apparently, this distinctive design is also applied to their lipstick packaging. This lipstick has a convex shape at the bottom, with the motive of the stars that arise. Bored with a pointy lipstick tip, this lipstick has a star-shaped tip. Very beautiful, yes!

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