5 Most Expensive Cities in Asia

5 Most Expensive Cities in Asia

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Liputan6.com, Jakarta – Living in urban areas certainly cost money is not small, let alone living in a metropolitan city like Jakarta. However, the fact is that there are still many cities in the continent of Asia whose cost of living is higher.

Quoting Property Report, Saturday (02/07/2016), the following 5 most expensive cities in Asia to live:

1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is not only the most expensive city in Asia to live in, but the most expensive city in the world to live in. The city that became the center of business because of this free market practice, also received an award as the most visited city in the world. Increasing population in this city, making the buildings higher, and the price of residence in this place more expensive.

2. Singapore

Singapore is known as a city with strict rules, and the sophistication of its transportation tools. The World Bank even named this city as the easiest city to do business explaining why many global companies are opening up their branches here.

Based on that, housing prices and living costs in Singapore also increased. This is added to the excellent quality of life in Singapore, including health care, and clean air.

3. Tokyo

Not unusual for the city of Tokyo, Japan entered in this order. This is due to the strengthening value of the recent Yen memabwa Tokyo in the order of the three most expensive cities to live in Asia.

In addition to the strengthening of the yen, Tokyo also ranks second in luxury shopping centers in Asia, and ranks fourth in the world, where New York was crowned as the country with the largest and most luxurious shopping center.

4. ShanghaiShanghai is the most populous city among Chinese cities, with more than 24 million inhabitants. The city of Shanghai has the most expensive land prices among other Chinese cities. Although the Chinese currency, Yuan, had dropped dramatically in the past year, it did not reduce the cost of living in the city of Shanghai.

5. Beijing

Although Beijing, China, has a reputation as a city with high air pollution, does not make the cost of living in this city to be cheap. The capital of the Chinese country is in the top 5 most expensive cities in Asia to live in, the city's population density factor is one of the reasons why Beijing's residence is quite expensive. (Aldo Lim)

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