5 Pine Forests in Bandung It’s Mandatory to Visit Once in a Lifetime

5 Pine Forests

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Liputan6.com, Jakarta – Lebaran Holidays this time coincided the long holiday turn of new school year of school students. Of course many families are already planning to vacation with their children. If you are still confused and do not have a plan, maybe you can be inspired to find a holiday after knowing four camping places in the pine forest in Bandung area.

North Bandung is especially known for its vegetation is still complete and diverse. Even North Bandung is closely connected to Haji Juanda Engineer Park which has an area of ??nearly 590 hectares. Some of which are included in the area of ??Tahura Juanda such as Cliffs and Maribaya Keraton.

North Bandung is the lungs of Bandung. This is where all the rain water is accommodated. Unfortunately its existence is now even more threatened with the construction of human settlements. Coupled with the increasingly fertile tourist attractions make a lot of tourists interested in investing by building villas in the area of ??North Bandung.

Then, in which region can be used for camping with family?

1. Bukit Bintang Bukit Moko Cimenyan

Although the Hill of Moko is known for the gathering place of hammocking fans does not mean you can not camp here. This Bukit Bintang can even be seen from the direction of Cliffs Palace of Bandung. Vegetation is almost similar to that in Tahura Juanda Bandung.

The best time to enjoy the atmosphere of pine forest Moko hill is in the afternoon. That's when the sounds of cicadas and crickets shouted at each other. Beautiful and melodic natural melody missed. Especially if the cold weather began to pierce. Do not forget to bring a thick jacket to hit the stinging night wind.

Entrance fee for only Rp 8.000 and HTM for camping or camping at Bukit Moko is charged Rp. 18.000 / person is included with the parking of two-wheeled vehicles around the camping area.

Address: Jalan Padasuka Cicaheum (Saung Angklung Udjo) Kampung Buntis Bongkor, District Cimenyan, Bandung.

2. Graphic Cikole Lembang

This path is a fairly solid path at the weekend. So menyaranakan to come early in the morning when the traffic is still a little quiet. If it is already late, should not go through the path from the Pasteur Toll Bandung because it will be very jammed. As an alternative can be out in the Subang toll of the Cipali toll.Grafika Cikole provides family camping packages and also for groups like motor clubs. A family camper package includes a dome tent or a VIP tent of Rp 460,000 / tent. The price is for a capacity of 4 people which is perfect for a happy little family.

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